Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Autumn is the most interesting season admired by classical poets. If you get the right attitude autumn can even become your favourite time of the year. Its slightly sad atmosphere should give the unique mood for meditation, for long talks with the closest people, for listening to the best music, for silent walks or just for doing what you usually enjoy (rainy weather will make this experience special). Some people fall in love with its melancholic aesthetics but some people, unfortunately, feel depressed and apathetic at this time. If you already know that you genuinely enjoy this season you are on the right track. We have a few tips for you on how to be more creative and get even more pleasure. But if you think that feeling blue during autumn is about you, here you will find some inspiring methods how to not just to cope with it but to catch a good vibe and get the best out of cloudy weather.

Trick 1: To start with, it is a common mistake that you should get out of the house to cure your melancholy. In reality, you need to make your space at home as comfortable and cosy as possible to cheer up during the rainy days. Decorate your room with bright colours, add a couple of soft blankets and pillows – be creative! Buy or paint some pictures to be eye candy and place them in the plain view. Print the pictures which bring back good memories and make a collage – improvise! Use different materials, glue and scissors and create a masterpiece which will fill your heart with warm feelings while it is being cold outside. 

Trick 2: Delight yourself with a SPA and aromatherapy day. Nice smells always help to feel happier. Make yourself a herbal tea using peppermint, thyme, melissa leaves or camomile blooms depending on either you desire an energy boost or relaxation. Get your favourite beauty products ready! The best smelling body cream will be what you need after a warm bath. Run a bath and put a CBD bath bomb into the water to improve your bathing experience. In addition to a choice of amazing scents and colours in the market, CBD bath bombs will relax you and boost your mood on rainy days. This hemp oil-based product is 100 % organic and will gently treat your skin and general condition making you feel calm and cosy. CBD oil is non-addictive and doesn’t cause any side effects so you can be sure that these products will give you what you need.

Trick 3: Let’s enjoy the brain SPA after a body treatment! Watching a good movie or reading the most engaging book will be a perfect idea to enhance your after bath pleasure. Just imagine the sounds of the raindrops pounding on the window while you are lying on the sofa wrapped up in a soft blanket watching a movie. You can even install the sounds of the fireplace on the background for a more soulful warm feeling. You can find a lot of “ perfect movies for a rainy day” lists online and choose the one which will suit your mood in the best way. We recommend choosing something the most positive giving you a pleasant aftertaste.

Trick 4: If you are still craving for an outdoor pastime, chilly weather is not a problem. Put on your favourite comfy hoodie ( preferably of bright colour), put on a warm coat and rain boots. Don’t think about looking glamorous, the main goal is to make your walk nice and comfortable. Choose the softest and the warmest clothes for the best outdoor experience and don’t forget to take your umbrella with you! You are ready for a walk now. You can enjoy fresh autumn air alone listening to music or going with someone with whom you feel happy. The local cafe will be a good option to be your destination point, another option is going to the park or savour the urban scenery in the city.

These 4 tricks which you found above will be indeed very helpful for your autumn apathy relief. This advice will make you feel calm, relaxed, cosy and full of energy during autumn chilly and rainy days. We hope that these ideas gave you a dose of inspiration! In reality, these tips apply to any day of any time of the year when you are feeling sad and gloomy. Be imaginative, be creative, improvise and relax properly – this will not let you get a depressive vibe and your gloom will be turned into a genuine pleasure.


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