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Tutta Larsen (real name – Tatiana Romanenko) was born on July 5, 1974 in Donetsk, in the family of a radiophysicist Anatoly LyukovichRomanenko and philologist, journalist and screenwriter Elena MikhailovnaRomanenko. She has a sister, Katya. When Tatiana was seven years old, her father left the family. Mom got married again, and her stepfather became her dad.

Tutta Larsen: “I was born in Donetsk in July 1974. My childhood was absolutely happy, except that when I was seven years old, my father left us. Mom got married again, and I was very lucky with my stepfather. I began to call him dad literally in the very first year. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “Game of Thrones S08E01 Torrent

At present, my mother is a major specialist in the field of heavy engineering and the coal industry in the region, she works for a newspaper. Uncle – film producer Yuri Belenky, cousin – screenwriter and actor Mikhail Belenky, cousin – actress PolinaBelenkaya.

As a child, the future TV presenter studied English, ballet, playing the guitar, was fond of cycling and football. And in his youth, extreme tourism – rock climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, orienteering.

Tutta Larsen: “I was periodically shoved into different circles. I studied English, in a very early childhood I went to the ballet. From there, however, was expelled for the first and last fight in my life. I beat the girl – I don’t even remember why. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “Game of Thrones S08E03 Torrent

When the future star was 14 years old, her mother, who worked as the editor of the small circulation newspaper “Shakhtyorskoeslovo” at the 9th Five-year-old mine in Makeyevka, took her daughter to her work as a correspondent. The girl wrote two or three articles a month under the heading “Youth Life”. To collect material for publications, she went to various youth events.

After graduating from school with a gold medal, Tanya entered Moscow State University and in 1996 graduated from the Faculty of Journalism with a degree in economic journalism and advertising.

In 1994, Romanenko completed an internship in the advertising department of BIZ-Enterprises, after which she made her debut as a TV presenter in the Black Friday program on the BIZ-TV channel. At this time, thanks to the tale of the Swedish writer Jan Ekholm, her creative pseudonym Tutta Larsen appeared.

Tutta Larsen: “I realized that it’s somehow strange to be just Tanya Romanenko and conduct music news. In addition, subconsciously and intuitively, I felt the need to separate myself from the television. This name came down to me from somewhere above and stuck so much that after the very first airing no one perceived me differently ”.
The quote is taken from the magazine “Idubbbz girlfriend

From 1998 to 2008, Tatiana worked as the host of the MTV Russia channel. She hosted the programs: “Daytime whim”, “Kiss right through”, “Adrenaline”, “Top 20”, “News Block International”, “Well done”, “Secret of success”, talk show “Sense and Sensibility”. She also released the author’s program about alternative music “With pepper for life” on the radio “Maximum”.

Since 2007, Tutta has become the host of Mayak radio (in particular, in 2012 she was the co-host of the popular show Central Committee). She was the host of the “In Share” program on Finam FM radio.

In 2009, Larsen prepared and released on the Zvezda TV channel a series of programs for the Ordinary Miracle program about the family, and also hosted the Supernyanya program on REN TV.

Tutta is an ex-vocalist of the Jazzlobster, THAIVOX and IFK bands. She starred in clips: “Sky” (“IFK”), “Se la vie” (“NAIV),” Road “by Anatoly Krupnov and” The January blizzard is ringing “(” The Adventures of Electronics “).

As a guest star, Tutta Larsen starred in several projects of her uncle: the series Simple Truths (1999-2003), Doomed to Become a Star (2005-2007), Young and Happy (2005) and in the film The Trap ( 2009). The star also voiced characters in The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), Nine (2009) and Bloody Mallory (2002) and Rock Wave (2009).

Tutta Larsen was married twice. Her first husband was the guitarist of the IFK group Maxim Galstyan. Then the TV presenter lived in a civil marriage with the writer ZakharArtemiev, from whom she gave birth to her son Luka in 2005. In 2010, the star gave birth to a daughter, Martha, from her second husband, musician Valery Koloskov.

Tutta Larsen: “First of all, there is reliability in Valerka. With him, I feel like behind a stone wall. He is my partner, lover, friend, and sometimes even, perhaps, dad. In short, he’s just my half. A person without whom I do not understand at all how I can exist. And I trust him completely. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “Tekken 7 Tier List Season 3

At the present time he participates in the program “Girls” on the channel “Russia” and hosts the program “Test of Loyalty” on the TV channel “MUZ-TV”. On the family digital channel “My Joy” Larsen hosts the “Above the Roof” program.

In April 2015, Tutta Larsen launched a television project for women – TUTTA.TV. The first premiere of the channel will be the program “What are our births”, in which the presenter will tell the audience about pregnancy, childbirth and the first months of the baby’s life.

Tutta Larsen: “I want to do TUTTA.TV together with my viewers. We will decide together what programs to do, what topics to raise and discuss our programs together. Thanks to general support, we will be able to prepare the first block of programs for broadcasting in the near future ”.
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The star also plans to launch the Larsiki show, which will be hosted by her children, Martha and Luka. Now Tutta is expecting her third child.

Tutta Larsen: “Larsiki” is a program for parents about children through the mouth of the children themselves. We all know the feeling of annoyance and helplessness when we do not understand each other and cannot come to an agreement with our dearest and beloved people in the world. ”
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On July 1, 2015,Tutta Larsen became a mother for the third time. A boy weighing 3600 g and a height of 51 cm was born at 5 am. The star gave birth together with her husband Valery Koloskov under the program “Soft childbirth”, during which the child is born in the most natural way. During childbirth, Tutta did not use anesthesia.

Tutta Larsen: “Having a baby is the most beautiful moment in the life of every woman. I am deeply convinced that you become 100% a woman only when you have a child. ”
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▪ Award “Quality Mark” in the category “Best Presenter” (1999)

A family

First spouse – Maxim Galstyan, guitarist of the IFK group
Civil marriage – ZakharArtemiev, journalist and writer
Second spouse – Valery Koloskov, musician
Son – Luka (20.05.2005), from ZakharArtemyev
Daughter – Martha (08.07.2010), from Valery Koloskova
Son – (07/01/2015), from Valery Koloskov


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