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Eid-ul-Adha is almost here and Pakistanis, like every year, are on one of those signature shopping sprees these days. In particular, the females want to make unique style statements with their clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories.

As far as clutches and handbags for women go, this piece is a good reference point. Read on to find out what types of designer bags and purses are best for the ladies.

Be it a tote, hands-free cross-body bag, or clutch bag for women. 

The following 10 varieties are a must for every woman

01: Tote Bags

Big and stylish, tote bags can serve many different purposes. They’re ideal for students and working women since you can easily fit your laptop, tablet, books, phone, and notes in them. Moreover, they can also serve as very handy travel bags.

 02: Shoulder Bags

They say that classics never go out of style and shoulder bags are a prime example. One of the main handbag types in the 90s, they’re making a huge comeback. Available in myriad shapes, sizes, colors, and designs; you can take your pick from the great collection of branded handbags online.

03: Clutches

Clutches for women are the quintessential party bags. After all, who likes carrying a huge purse when they’re dressed to the nines for any occasion? These bags are perfect for weddings, corporate events, dinners, lunches, and Eid receptions.

Like other categories on this list, you’ll be spoilt for choice while looking for ladie’s clutch bags. Check out the latest offerings from your favorite brands at the earliest!

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04: Cross Body Bags

The hands-free appeal of cross-body bags means that they’re often in demand. Just sling one over or across your shoulder and forget about struggling to carry your ladies’ purse. Don’t forget to check out the great cross-body options in the market.

 05: Duffel Bags

When it comes to women’s handbags and purses, duffel bags have a special status due to their versatility. Even though most women use them while traveling or as gym bags, they can be utilized for a lot more.

Just like totes, duffel bags are perfect for work. Moreover, they will look good with your Eid dress and ladies chappal.

06: Quilted Bags

Quilted bags are another category that has stood the test of time. In fact, these bags can even make your average outfit look better. So, if your chosen dress for the upcoming Eid is a simple one, consider pairing it with a trendy quilted bag to complete a head-turning look.

07: Mini Bags

They might be “mini” by name but have the capacity to see you through many different events/occasions/scenarios. There’s ample space to easily fit all your essential items, while the overall look is a compact one so that your ensemble isn’t cluttered or overwhelmed.

 08: Bucket Bags

The craze for bucket bags has eased somewhat in recent years. However, this chic and spacious option is unlikely to fully go out of fashion anytime soon. The newest versions from the big brands include croc-embossed styles, buttery leathers, and much more. They have all taken lots of creative licenses and played around with their take-on bucket bags. Even if you aren’t big on the funky variations in vogue these days, a classic bucket bag certainly deserves a place in your wardrobe. Not only can it easily carry all your essentials, but the adjustable straps make it highly functional and chic at the same time.

 09: Backpacks

Gone are the days when backpacks were only used in school. For the modern woman, they can serve both as handbags and laptop carriers (among many other things). Whether it’s a night out on the town, a formal gathering (dinner, lunch, wedding, Eid reception, etc.) or a weekend trip to your favorite getaway, backpacks are what you need.

If nothing else, you can even use them to add some oomph to an otherwise lackluster or boring outfit. Therefore, we strongly recommend investing in this wardrobe essential.

10: Canvas Bags

Canvas bags might be low-maintenance but that doesn’t make them any less swanky. They’re also incredibly comfortable to use. This is precisely why the majority of designer brands are coming up with some seriously creative styles. Check out the eye-catching collection the first chance you get!

Parting Thoughts

Just like clothes and shoes, you can never have enough handbags. And an investment in a few items of quality will never go to waste. Then again, a few bags or purses doesn’t cut it either. You need a good enough collection to help you through life’s different scenarios and stages.

Besides, they say that shopping for handbags can be an art form when done well. Whether or not you agree with that assertion is another matter. However, this piece will help you complete your handbag shopping in the right manner.

In it, we have tried to bring forth the trends currently in vogue. Which ones do you prefer out of these? Or do you like some other kinds which weren’t included in this list? Don’t forget to share your two cents with us!

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