Sat. May 25th, 2024
Lady Bag

Ladies meticulously create their wardrobe according to the latest trends, season and personal fashion sense. Each personality is different and fashion brands understand the demand for a large variety of handbag designs is essential in order to cater to a large demographic of ladies. The local fashion brands have created numerous handbag collections keeping in mind the eastern aesthetic and apparel popularly worn by women and girls of Pakistan.

There are brightly colored canvas bags for younger girls that are perfect for school and university at the same time neutral colored classic leather style bags for working women and mothers available in the market.

Ladies who are brand conscious will wait for months hoping to order a bag from abroad and have it delivered by a close relative or friend coming to Pakistan. This can waste time and energy as now there are international export quality high fashion handbag designs similar to Chanel, Prada, and Gucci being designed by local Pakistani fashion brands.

Designs that are familiar to Pakistani ladies are the classic shoulder, bucket, tote and top/double handle bags that are ideal for carrying essentials and other important items for the entire day. These bags are medium to large-sized and make it easy for mothers and working women to be prepared for every occasion without feeling stressed about enough space in their bag. The crossbody, duffel and satchel are for ladies who want to be hands-free while shopping and running errands around town.

The long or short straps make it easy to carry these bags across the shoulder to hip giving easy access when needing a wallet or I.D. Great for mothers who need to carry their child while being out or commuting. The evening styled bags are petite, embellished purses and clutches that are smaller in size to regular day bags and carry only bare essentials like keys, cellphones and makeup great for weddings and special occasions where the clothes are delicate and heavily decorated. The clutch bag has many different styles and designs that can easily be matched with several luxury and festive suits.

Local fashion brands like Nishat,Saphire and Outfitters have clothing as well as handbags that make it easy to perfectly match a handbag with an outfit. Ladies can personalize their wardrobe by choosing bags based on color and style that goes best with their own wardrobe.

Stylo has traditional shoewear ideal for wedding wear along with their high heels and sandals they house a complimentary selection of over 50 handbags with embellished stonework and gold buckle design that pair well with their footwear.

The leather industry of Pakistan is strong and supports local fashion brands like Hub that has almost 50 handbag designs and JafferJees that has over 100 handbag designs for women. Mango and ESC are also sizable collections with over 100 designs that ensure women are able to pair the perfect handbags with their favorite outfits. The biggest selection of bags is with international fashion house Charles &Kieth that has over 200 designs in handbags available in Pakistan.



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