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Men and jewellery haven’t exactly been best friends, although that’s starting to change. Other than a wedding band, men typically keep their looks casual without any additional pieces. However, men have recently started to dive into the exciting world of jewellery and the most popular item they’re drawn towards are bracelets. If you’re new to accessorising, gold bracelets are classic and timeless accessories. Here are 5 types of gold bracelets for men which will have you never stepping out without jewellery on again.

Dramatic chains

Ever since Connell from Normal People started rocking a chain necklace, men have been drawn towards chains and we’re so thankful they are! Chain bracelets are versatile, popular and a key accessory in many collections. When it comes to picking a chain bracelet, there are many different types to choose from. If you’re looking for something slim and uniform, the box chain is sturdy and made of square links, connected to make a continuous smooth chain. If you’re looking for a big thick chain, curb and byzantine chains are oversized, heavy and have a masculine feel to them. Chunkier chains look best in gold as the bigger size shows off the colour and shine, so if you’re a big fan of gold, a gold chain is the best option for you.

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Cool ID bracelets

ID or identity bracelets are the bracelet version of dog tag necklaces. The first ID bracelets were worn during WW2 as part of their uniform for identification. During the 1970s, they became popular to wear as jewellery and have stayed that way until today, with popular brands like Missoma and Thomas Sabo selling their own. ID bracelets incorporate a fun intricate chain and a simple plate or base where personalisation can be engraved. This bracelet is an eye-catching accessory and a great gift for those who want a staple everyday piece of jewellery.

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Leather strap with gold accents

Leather is one of the most popular materials for men’s bracelets. Its neutral colours and rough textures fall on the more masculine side of jewellery and works well with a variety of outfits. Darker leathers like dark brown and black look striking alongside bright gold accents. Gold and leather are the perfect combination and look strong and daring on their own or alongside similar bracelets, like chains or leather pieces.

Chunky cuffs

Cuff bracelets are typically forged from one piece of metal, like stainless steel or gold. This metal is then distressed and embellished with extra carvings and colours to complete a casual everyday look. Whether you prefer a thin band or a thick cuff, you can pick what works best for you but the more oversized the better.

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Thread bracelet with gold beads

Finally, we have thread or rope bracelets. Unsurprisingly, these bracelets are made from thread or rope and come in a variety of colours. They’re simple and thin, which allows you to wear multiple without them taking up your whole arm or drawing too much attention. Neutral and monotone tones, like white, brown, black, and grey are ideal colours, especially if you’re planning on wearing these bracelets every day. To make these bracelets more aesthetically pleasing, add a simple gold charm or bead to the end of it. Whether it’s to help tighten the bracelet or is just a simple embellishment, gold makes everything better.

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