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Apple Watch

Since the first Apple watch launched in April 2015, Apple has always focused on people’s health and been devoted to upgrading its fitness tech related to reflecting body real-time health with more apps released. Of course, Apple watch can never take place of a doctor, but its health features are truly impressive. Here are the 6 top health features to help you keep healthy, even save your life.

1. Blood Oxygen

Apple introduced blood oxygen monitor in Apple watch 6. This is a percentage of oxygen that red cells can carry from your lungs to the rest of the body, which is a key indicator of your overall wellness.


Different color lights shine onto your blood vessels in wrist and take photos to measure the amount of light reflected back. Then calculate the color of your blood, which indicates the amount of oxygen present.

2. Fall Detection and Emergency Call

These features really can save you life. Features for Apple watch 4 or later that can detect hard fall while you are wearing the watch. It will tap you on the wrist, sounds an alarm and display an alert. You can choose to contact emergency services or just tap “ I’m OK”. If the watch detects that you have been immobile for about a minute, it will make the call automatically.

Emergency call is similar to fall detection. When you make a call with Emergency SOS, your Apple Watch automatically calls local emergency services and shares your location with them. But your phone needs to be nearby. If not, your Apple watch needs to be connected to a known Wi-Fi network.

For these features, a durable Apple watch band is needed.

Apple Watch

3.  Sleep Tracking

Getting enough sleep plays an essential part in your overall health though sleep tracking is not a new health feature for Apple watch. It can help you accustomed to a fixed sleep schedule and you can customize that schedule. The watch will go into “Do Not Disturb” mode around your bedtime and wake you up at the right time.

However, the battery life is a problem for not being long enough all day and all night. You can’t charge your watch when it is tracking sleep. There is rumor said that the battery will be improved in the Apple Watch 7 that has a long life and strong capacity.

4. Stand and workout

Apple watch and workout-related apps keep motivating you not to stay sedentary. Here are three rings.

The move ring filled it by moving around and elevating the heart rate. Apple watch will set the target based on your daily average; The exercise ring, the exercise recorder; The stand ring. You need to stand 10 minutes every hour. After setting a goal, filling all the three rings then you can earn achievements.

And you may need an silicone sporty band or nylon sporty band when you workout.

5. ECG Measurement and Heart Rate

Another tech feature included in the small watch allows people to check their heart rate and shows ECG just using the watch anytime, which is convenient especially for the elder with some diseases.

If you check that something wrong with the data, go and see a doctor.

Apple Watch

6. Pressure

Apple watch cares about your mental health besides physical wellness. There are many meditation & relaxation apps in-store convenient to download. When you feel anxious, pressured, nervous, angry, etc, even within a few minutes, meditation can relieve those negative moods.

The new Apple Watch 7 will be released soon. Let’s look forward to the new features and new health apps. And we will introduce some hidden features for the Apple watch!

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