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Health comes first; the saying cannot be truer. To enjoy what life has to offer, you need to nurture a healthy mind and body. Multiple infirmities may affect one on some level, but a very few are as pressing as a headache. The strange thing about pain is it needs its existence to be felt; it can’t be ignored. While most of the time, it might not be anything serious, but it can very well be prior symptoms of some underlying disease. If the condition is left undiagnosed, things can turn out to be fatal. Continue reading this article to find out the types of headache there is. 

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  1. Tension Headache: You are way too familiar with this kind of headache. Workaholics do get a tension headache from time to time and have learned to ignore it by putting on calming balm on the forehead. You do not necessarily need to compromise with your work ethics to stay healthy. 
  • Manage your workload better. Get organized and learn to let go of things you cannot control. 
  • Practice yoga and breathing meditating technique to calm your mind
  • Whenever you feel anxiety and tension is building up, try to find the root of the trouble and talk to someone if need be. 
  • Holding onto tension can prove to be fatal in the long run as it not only manifests itself through headaches but also affects the overall physical health. 
  1. Migraine Headache: People experience throbbing and pounding pain which can last up to several days. One feels dizzy and experience having a blurry vision while having a migraine headache. At times this type of headache can be chronic, and people may suffer a long period with migraine. 
  • Consult a doctor as soon as possible to diagnose your headache. 
  • Start your treatment procedure and maintain taking medications on time. 
  • What you eat plays a vital role in controlling migraine pain. Maintain a proper diet chart and avoid spicy food. 
  • Apply peppermint oil to reduce the pain. 
  1. Humidity Headache: When there is a change in weather, you may experience a different sort of discomfort that is commonly known as humidity headache. People also experience such a headache when there is a strong storm approaching. Many, after a correct diagnosis, have found out to have humidity headache. 
  • It is vital to stay hydrated to reduce the severity of humidity headache. Therefore, drink eight to nine glasses of water daily to avoid dehydration. 
  • Have a full night of sleep. 8 hours of sleep will work wonders to decrease the intensity of such distress. 
  • Living an active life is also advised to lessen the headache; exercise regularly to stay active and fit. 

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There are various types of headache related to sinus, hormones and more. Different sort of ailments requires specific treatment. Be sure to consult a general physician to have a proper diagnosis. There are times when people may experience a genetic headache, as they have a long history of such illness in their family. These nuances are to be specified and treated with expert care. Do not hesitate or delay booking a doctor’s appointment. You will feel healthier once you know the cause of your headache and start the treatment procedure.

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