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 49’s Lottery is one of the popular games in the UK. But what specifically will the UK 49s Lotto play and how will it win? In addition to all the information you need to know, here are the places to find the UK 49’s latest results , 49s histories and more.

 What is the UK 49s lottery?

UK 49s is a draw held twice a day, daily. A lunchtime draw for 49 and a teatime draw for 49 are held daily. 

The 49s was named after the in-play ball. The 49s contains 6 balls including the booster Ball; the balls are numbered from 1 to 49. The

 UK 49s lottery is different from the standard lottery as each publisher has different rules. Check your bookmaker before playing as rules and odds may vary.

 How to play the UK 49s Lotto?

To play, choose whether to play with a 6 ball capital or a 7 ball draw. Your chances of winning increase because a 7 ball draw booster ball is included. 

The 6 ball draw selects 5 numbers from the first 6 numbers. Seven Ball Capital picks up to 5 numbers from all 7 numbers and decides which one to draw.

 Unlike other British lotteries, the 49s lottery is based on a betting system. After selecting the lottery and number, you need to determine the bet amount. You are betting on that number. 

There is a lottery twice a day, so you need to choose one of the daily lotteries to play from the lunchtime or teatime lottery. You can also choose to draw multiple times.


What is the draw time? 

The UK 49s Lotto will be drawn twice daily. There will be a draw at 12:49 GMT for lunchtime and 5:49 GMT for teatime (or 16:49 GMT in winter).

 What is the probability of winning? 

The winning probabilities for 49 are: 1,176 One number 1 in 49

 Where can I play Lotto?

 You can play 49 from most north manufacturers. Some companies like Ladbrokes enable online games.

 How much is the play fee?

 The 49’s lottery runs on a betting system, so there is no fixed price. Instead, you can choose what you want to bet on.

 How much can you get?

 Unlike other lotteries, 49s is not a prize structure. Instead, the prize is based on the odds of winning and the result at 49. Winnings also depend on how much gambling you have on your capital.

 Suppose, if you have matched 5 numbers with a £1 bet on tee-time capital, you can win £40,000 with a 6 number draw of £125,000, and a 7 number draw. 

If you gamble £2, your winnings are doubled. Different bookmakers have different odds, so it’s a good idea to check which bookmaker has the best odds before playing. 

Where can I find the latest results for UK49s Results?

United Kingdom 49s Latest Results a record of 49 results can be found here in the lottery results. After the lottery, we will publish the latest 49s lunchtime results and UK49s teatime results every day. You can also find a complete history of 49’s draw results to see previous draw results.

Good luck!

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