Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

You can feel the impact of technology in almost every field today, and mobility equipment is not an exception. Wheelchairs that make thousands of lives independent, safe, and optimistic despite physical and other limitations due to medical conditions, trauma, or age go through a constant transformation to provide an even better solution to the users. In this context, the advent of affordable lightweight transport wheelchairs deserves special mention. These electric powered wheelchairs can take the user anywhere without the help of a caregiver. Plus, its folding mechanism removes the confusion about how to carry it somewhere.

The benefits are undoubtedly numerous. But pay attention to its features while buying one to make sure you get the maximum experience of comfort and ease. This article deals with a few critical aspects that you can consider while making a selection.


Your arms should feel comfortable and supported when you place them on the armrest of your wheelchair. Whether you have to shift your position or get in and out of it, you need their help. There can be different types of armrests in the wheelchair, including:

  • Desk Length – It can easily fit under a table or desk while allowing you to adjust its height up to three fourth of the seat.
  • Full-Length Armrests – These provide complete support to your arms from the back to the frontal part of the seat. Usually, they don’t allow height adjustments.
  • Swing Away Armrests – Since the armrest can be moved behind or to the side of the chair, it makes getting in and out easier.
  • Tubular – It is usually padded and curvy due to which many wheelchair users prefer this design.
  • Space Saver Arm – Its inward curve enables you to move it close to your body.

Footrests, leg rests, footplates

Your feet and legs need support and comfort while you are in a wheelchair. Without them, you may have to keep them dangling. It can feel highly uncomfortable after some time. So, these mechanisms are also crucial. There can be detachable and swing-away footrests that come in handy in secure transfers. In a tilting or reclining wheelchair, leg rest form a common sight. These allow you to elevate your feet. Footplates are either plastic composite or aluminum materials for supporting the heel and the ball of your foot. These come with numerous adjustment options so that you can position your body and feet hassle-free.

Drive controls

From conventional joystick, compact joystick, finger control, touchpad control, wafer boards to head control, you get a variety of driving options. The joystick driving controls usually contain switch on and off buttons, speed control, gimbal knob, and gauge, although certain things can be different in the compact version from the conventional ones. The finger control driving option helps you move your mobility equipment with one finger. It works quite the same as the traditional joystick, but here you use a finger and not gimbal. Like that, every system has its unique style of operating. Just find out which one you feel more comfortable to use.

Other than these, the use of aluminum frames, light lithium-ion battery, and overall weight and weight carrying capacity of the lightweight electric wheelchairs can be other vital parameters to inspect. If you explore these and other parts carefully, you will be able to pick the best choice for yourself. Let us see some useful information please visit.

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