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There are some men and women too who make peace with their receding hairlines and hair thinning. But there are others for whom hair loss makes a dent in their confidence. This is understandable because of how we look and present ourselves, which has an impact on shaping the personality and social behavior. Personality can either make you a confident go-getter or make you hide into your shell. In all this, your hair plays an important role. No wonder hair clinics in every nook and corner are flourishing these days. Many opt for a hair transplant in Bangalore to reclaim their crowning glory and get their lost confidence back, so if hair fall or hair thinning is bothering you and if you are planning to go for a hair transplant, here are few things that you should know. 

1 Myth: Hair transplantation doesn’t work for women

Fact: Hair transplantation works effectively and efficiently in treating both male and female; however, the baldness in women is far different than in men, and the supply of donor’s hair are comparatively smaller along with other parts of the scalp in women.

  1. Myth: An older adult should not undergo hair transplantation

Fact: In general, there is a higher chance of successful hair transplants in an older person. A person at a younger age, the hair fall or hair thinning pattern is unpredictable, and the hair thinning has a higher possibility of being extended in the future. But age is not a significant factor in determining hair transplant in Bangalore. A right surgeon will carefully access the donor area, check if the new hair in your scalp will grow after the treatment, match the quality and texture of your existing hair, and then decide whether you are suitable for the hair transplant surgery

  1. Myth: Hair Transplant Means Getting Hair From Somebody

Fact: Many people think a hair transplant is just like another organ transplantation. But, hair transplantation is way different than that. Only hair from your body will help with your hair transplant treatment. If you take hair from other people, your body will not accept it.

  1. Myth: More grafts is equal to a better chance at success

Fact: All treatment plans are tailored to individual patients. All patients will require to be evaluated for the number of grafts required. Though it is also a fact that a more significant number of grafts may also increase the healing time, as the donor area will be more affected. 

  1. Myth: Hair transplants are painful

Fact: hair transplant technologies are advancing all the time, focusing on maximizing the success of hair transplants and minimizing the discomfort experienced by the patient. These days, a hair transplant in Bangalore will combine with local anesthesia and numbing cream, ensuring the hair transplant procedure is painless. In fact, patients can expect to resume their daily basis activities within a couple of days of their surgery. 

  1. Myth: Hair Transplant will give you immediate results

Fact: The result of a hair transplant procedure is noticeable in about 3 to 4 months, and will see the complete results in 9 to 12 months

  1. Myth: After a hair transplant surgery, extraordinary care is required.

Fact: This is false. In fact, no extra care to little care is required except for the initial few days

  1. Hair transplant surgery can affect the brain

Hair is a skin structure, and surgeons go only dermis deep, not beyond that, so it does not come in contact with below deep skin structure. So this is considered a very safe procedure.

  1. Myth: Anyone can get a hair transplant

Fact: An honest and right approach is to suggest, “ do you need a hair transplant. If not, what are the alternatives? If yes, how would the result be? A good dermatological surgeon will examine your scalp to know the hair density’s accurate measurements and the availability of hair for the transplant before the recommendation of hair transplant in Bangalore

  1. Myth: Hair Transplant surgery should be done at the initial stage of hair loss to get maximum benefit.

Fact: It is entirely baseless. It is tough to predict the extent of your hair loss or hair thinning and to decide whether it requires any treatment or not. In the initial stages, even the dermatologist won’t be able to tell you precisely whether you need a hair transplant in Bangalore. Therefore, it’s worthier to go to the dermatologist when your hair loss gets stable.

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