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It is the time for the Magento lovers to rejoice…. We have already seen the new releases of Magento that has provided revolutionary, innovative features with every existing update. The ultimate objective of every release is to ensure that the users derive path-breaking eCommerce experience every time they visit the online store.

It was already a happy occasion for Magento developers with the release of Magento 2.2.2. Reason? It provided amazing features to the online store like instant purchases, advanced reporting, Magento shipping, and zero-step checkout. 


Since the users did not have to enter their shipping address and other payment details, eCommerce website owners had a sigh of relief with the new release that would strengthen their business sales to the next level. 


Now that the Magento 2.3 is out merchants are looking to grow their business with it. In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have provided comprehensive information of the way Magento 2.3 update is going to be beneficial for the users and Magento developers. It also includes relevant information about the relative features it possesses. We promise after reading this content piece, you will have enough information at your disposal to take a call on using  Magento 2 upgrade services and employing the Magento latest version to take your online store to the next level of success.

Let’s first of all look at some of the reasons that showcase it is time to utilize Magento upgrade service.

Instant Gratification for the Customers

In this era of high-speed internet, Magento 2.3.2 version update is quite necessary. If there is a long waiting in terms of placement of an order, web page uploading, and product image loading chances are, customers will go to your competitors. Magento 2.3 update is quite necessary to ensure that the checkout process is effortless, and there is no interference in terms of low performance, crash, and broken web pages.

Develop an eCommerce Store That Attracts Users

Everyone knows that today’s customers have a short attention span. This can have a drastic effect on your sales. For this reason, it is imperative to develop an eCommerce store that attracts users which can be done quite quickly by upgrading Magento 2.2.2 to Magento 2.3. Reason? It consists of high-speed processing features that ensure a better customer experience.

For Enhancement of Mobile Experience


It has been observed that most fashion websites and mobile applications get real-time competition. Buyers are always on the lookout for specific applications and an online shop that can provide effortless listings, high-quality web pages, and swift performance. With the help of Magento 2.3, it is possible for the users to look across different products and categories one-by-one without waiting for the page to upload or redirect the images to the product. It can work quite quickly with your finger, which is precisely the reason it is gaining popularity in the eCommerce world.

Now, that you have looked at the reasons that make it imperative to upgrade from Magento 2.2.2 to Magento 2.3, it is time to look at some of the robust features offered by Magento 2.3.

Magento 2.2.2 is an excellent cloud platform that integrates eCommerce with open source of the ecosystem. It provides tremendous potential in terms of business opportunities like b2b and b2c. 

Magento 2.3 takes the shopping experience of users to the next level by utilizing it for online shopping sites and Android-based applications. With the help of this swift Magento software, it is possible to keep a check on placing an order, using e-wallets, going to a payment page, tracking the logistics etc. 

Let’s look at some of the features:


With the help of this open source data query language, it is possible to get a stable transfer of data. This is one of the top-most features of Magento 2.3 along with REST/SOAP. In Magento 2.3, you will get new Graphql API, which is renowned for streamlining merchants in different ways instead of lone tasking. Through this feature, it is possible for the client to combine different data using a single request. They will also be able to define the same data that is necessary. 

Progressive Web App

With the help of state-of-the-art technology, it is possible for Magento 2.3 to provide a shopping experience that is similar to native applications. Some of the prominent features of Magento 2.3 include push notifications, high performance, local preferences, etc.

Page Builder

With the help of this feature, it is possible to create customized pages with effortless drag and drop elements. Users can easily create pages without any apparent technical knowledge of complex coding. Since Magento 2.3 comes with a beta version, it is more user-friendly than the earlier versions launched by Magento.

Declarative DB Schema

This feature enables database tables to be rendered in XML instead of install scripts. Magento developers will easily be able to reconstruct parts with more transparent coding that will drastically reduce the number of potential bugs. In Magento 2.3, the fantastic part is user will not require merchants to develop scripts for updating or deleting texts. The software will itself create scripts using XML. It will then suggest revisions within the data structure on its own.

Multi Source Inventory (MSI)

It is possible for the store admin to manage stock from various locations by combining multiple stock data with multi-source inventory feature.

Cache Management ACL

Magento 2.3 has a fantastic feature called an access control list. Through this feature, it allows the admin to select the team member that can see or delete Magento cache. Although to get user-friendly, this feature may take some time. It is possible for cash management levels to be assigned to team members by utilizing this specific feature.

PHP 7.2 Support in Magento 2.3

The amazing thing about Magento 2.3 is it is compatible with the latest PHP 7.2 software. This will also users having this respective software to gather all the new feature alteration in Magento 2.3 in terms of security and quality.

The Decisive Factor

We have already provided the amazing reasons that make it imperative for you to upgrade from Magento 2.2.2 to Magento 2.3. Although the feature list has been curtailed and not extensive, we assure that Magento 2.3 is the best update to give new wings to your eCommerce store. To avail, this opportunity get in touch with an experienced Magento development company today!

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