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We live in a world of noise. However, exposure to loud noise for most people is limited. The same cannot be said for people who hold certain jobs. Working in construction, manufacturing, agriculture and a range of other industries can expose workers to excessive noise that could be damaging to a worker’s hearing.

Safety is at the heart of what we do at US Standard Products. We take great pride in the safety products we sell and our team is dedicated to helping create safer workplaces. As it concerns hearing, that is why we offer US Standard Products ear plugs. 

In this post, we are going to cover some of the important factors when it comes to hearing protection and provide a little information about US Standard Products’ best foam ear plugs.

When do you need hearing protection?

The short answer is that you need hearing protection any time you are exposed to loud noise for an extended period. If you are looking at regulations, employers are supposed to implement a hearing protection policy when noise levels are at or above 85 decibels on average over an eight-hour period. 

If you are looking for a comparison, the average conversation is measured to be about 60 decibels, which is much lower than the 85-decibel threshold of the requirement. For another comparison, a cordless drill will emit about 90-95 decibels when it is running.

The Benefits of Ear Plugs

You have two basic options when it comes to hearing protection: ear plugs and ear muffs. In many cases, the choice comes down to the preference of the wearer. However, many workers prefer ear plugs over ear muffs for several reasons. 

One of the first reasons is that they are convenient and easy to carry. Being small and fitting in the ear, plugs are also convenient because they can be worn more easily with other types of safety equipment. Along with that, they tend to be more comfortable for working in the heat. They don’t get as sweaty or dirty if you are working on a hot, humid day.

US Standard Products Foam Ear Plugs

The US Standard Products online shop offers an array of high-quality safety equipment. Among this range of products is our foam ear plugs. 

US Standard Products foam ear plugs are the perfect offering for noisy workplaces. They are made to be comfortable to wear while providing strong protection for the hearing of the wearer.

The slow recovery, low-pressure foam can fit snuggly in the ear to provide optimal hearing protection and the bright orange color makes them easy to see for hearing protection compliance in the workplace. They are also flame and moisture resistant and they have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 29 dB. 

At US Standard Products, we do more than just sell safety products; we are invested in creating safer workplaces across America through education and awareness. To learn more, you can check out US Standard Products Pinterest boards. You can also find us at the US Standard Products Facebook page, the US Standard Products Twitter, or on the US Standard Products LinkedIn profile.

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