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Blank card and envelope sets are a true personification of valuing your loved ones by keeping in touch with them through a safe and effective medium. This is a thoughtful way of making your dear ones who are far away from your sight realize that they carry an important role in your lives. With the technological advancement taking place in the world, the value of traditionally sending letters through the post has decreased. However, many people out there still wish to send their letters through this method as it appears more valuable and expressive. Let’s highlight some of the most amazing reasons why this method is still preferred.

Can be personalized accordingly

A personalized touch given to the paper that you wish to write on could appear as valuable as one could desire. These cards have blank spaces on them so that the sender to express as much as he wishes to. Something that one cannot express physically and electronically could be written down on this precious piece of paper. Various patterns and designs could be added to excite the recipient while he reads the content. At the same time, envelopes can be given a variety of colors for a lively appearance. For instance, on special events like the holiday season, a mixture of colors like reds and greens could be added to both things to give the recipient the season vibe that he expects.

Foil stamping and embossing for a luxury touch

The foremost objective of using stamps is to leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of people. Foil stamping in the colors gold and silver can be used to grace your envelopes. These stampings are done using water and heat. Foil stamping appears sparkling, especially when you want to post invites to the guests expected on an upcoming event. The name of the event could be stamped if an invite is being sent. Along with this, pictures and graphics can be embossed on casings and postcards for thoughtfulness. The recipient is sure to feel overwhelmed as he comes across memory in the form of a picture on the postcard. This technique gives a luxurious feeling to anyone who comes across the post.

Die-cut windows for transparency

Casings with windows have their own way of attracting people. Usually, die-cut windows are used on the casing to make the address, name, and contact details of the recipient visible to the postman to avoid any inconvenience during the door-to-door posting. Raised ink technique can be used to make typography on the letter readable to the recipient. Die-cut windows give a transparent appeal to the post to make the recipient familiar with the sender without even opening the post.

Valuable content is added

Sometimes one is unable to express his love and affection through other mediums of communication. For this reason, postcards are the best way to write all that needs to be communicated between two people. Writing your feelings down and trigger emotions in the other person making him feel special in the most desirable ways. A lot of space is available on postcards to write as much as one wishes to. For instance, writing a note to your dear ones in the holiday season could induce a feeling of joy among the recipient. Holiday greetings and well wishes could be included in the postcards to leave a long-term impression on the mind of the recipient.

Add glitter and stickers

Glitter is a true personification of spark. Your post could be embellished using glitter for a fantasizing appeal to the recipient. Colorful glitters can be used to make your post appear ravishing as ever. This could make the recipient familiar with the effort that has been put into making the letter stand out. In addition to this sealing, stickers can be used to close the envelope to assure the inside postcard could reach its recipient without getting damaged or lost during transit. Stickers could be imprinted with any sort of greeting to make the opening experience cherishing for the recipient.

Can be kept for a long time

The foremost benefit of using the traditional post method is that it can be kept for as long as one wishes to keep it. The paper used in making this casing and postcard is rigid in nature and tear-resistant. Aqueous, gloss, matte, and Spot UV coatings are used to prevent any contact with water and other atmospheric irregularities that are likely to adversely affect the post during transit. Recipients could welcome posts that simply look amazing. Keeping this in view, these posts can be kept as memories to be recalled in the future.

With the use of modern-day technology, people have become tech-savvy and are inclined to use this facility to make their lives easier and comfortable. However, some traditions must never be ignored, like the Blank card and envelope sets that are considered to be one of the most valued and trusted ways of maintaining healthy communication with your loved ones. With all the ways of enhancing this tradition discussed above, it is possible to say that the value of this channel could never write-off

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