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eyeshadow packaging

We all know how much the customers get delighted when they are offered quality eyeshadow products. However, impressing them and earning their loyalty is not a walk in the park. You need to work very hard and put so much effort into achieving that. The eyeshadow packaging must look captivating and one-of-a-kind in this regard. Paying attention to the product’s quality only and ignoring the packaging can prove detrimental for your business. This is because the first impressions about your product are made by the boxes in which they are packed. Here are some brilliant designing tips that can help leave a memorable first impression on the customers with eyeshadow packages. 

Elegant color themes:

The elegant and attractive colors play a critical role in persuading the customers to purchase your product. This is because they signify different meanings and, as a result, evoke certain emotions in the audience. So, make sure to add attractive colors when designing the eyeshadow boxes. This will be influential in capturing the heed of potential buyers who are inclined towards beauty. Every color is not perfect for adding to your packaging design as there are some hues that do not impress the customers at all. Pink color, for instance, signifies love, care, and sensitiveness.

Similarly, yellow is associated with energy, optimism, and warmth. Make strategic use of the hues in your design by understanding what they stand for and mean for the target audience. Also, you should use a combination of the colors that stand out from the crowd and match the parent brand theme of your company.

Use the logo in design:

The logo of your company helps in creating a versatile brand identity in the target market so, do not miss the opportunity to incorporate it into your box design. While doing so, make sure it is the focal point or the main focus of your packaging. This will let the customers know and recognize you quickly. Not just that, but they will remember you for a longer period as well, due to which their future purchasing decisions will be greatly influenced. There can also be two unique logos associated with your eyeshadow items, i.e., the one of your company and the other one for the product. For example, the Unilever brand uses two logos in their packaging design, making them look unique from the crowd. 

Tell the story about your product:

One mistake which is repeated often by the manufacturers is that they forget to reveal the product story through their packaging design. By product story, we mean its usage and effectiveness. Even if the use of your eyeshadow products seems obvious, do not make the mistake of ignoring it. This is because some customers might be completely unaware of how to use your products or their side effects. So, it is recommended to provide the customers with adequate instructions. This will increase the experience of the customers with your product, and your perceived value will enhance enormously among the audience. This will also entice them to come again and buy only your products in the future. 

Alluring finishing:

As you know that the eyeshadows are high-end and luxurious products; therefore, you cannot afford to be simple with their packaging design. It must reflect the premium nature well so as to give an expensive vibe about your product. A design with good aesthetic appeal does have the potential to allure the customers, and nothing can do this better than the quality finishing of the box. Gold foiling is a perfect option in this regard since it is related to luxuriousness. The silver and copper foiling can also be used to complement the high-end nature of your cosmetic products. Apart from this, gloss lamination, which is known for its feature of making your box look shinier, can also be utilized. 

Simplicity is best:

A simple yet effective box design can make your eyeshadow packages look impressive and eye-catchy. The correct use of typography, imagery, and other artwork is the best source to attract the attention of the buyers towards your items. When we talk about simplicity, it means omitting unnecessary things from your box design. This is because it can confuse the customers who are not good at all from a business point of view. Bombardment of too many hues, complex designs, and fusing patterns draw the customers away from your product. The single-use of color or not more than two work perfectly for a minimalist look of your packages. Make sure that you do not clutter your packaging with complex artwork that needs to be explained later. This simplicity factor will make your items stand out from the crowd. 

Add a haptic appeal:

Ignoring the haptic appeal of your eyeshadow packaging is not a good thing as it can prove detrimental to the overall experience of the customers. It is in human nature that they want to feel the things that impress them with the visual appeal. Do not let the chance pass by and elevate the experience of the audience with the texture of your packages. The raised UV coatings, when applied to the packaging, make it feel smooth, and the people remember the experience of feeling them. Likewise, the soft-touch coatings improve the sensory experience of the audience. Embossing and debossing also prove effective in adding a tactile touch to your eyeshadow packages. 

Be sustainable:

Sustainable packaging solutions are getting quite popular among clients these days. Adopting a sustainable approach means that you are doing the best to save the environment as well as encouraging the customers to play their part. So, capitalize on this trend by minimizing the waste the material waste. Choose the box of an appropriate size that fits precisely with the dimensions of the cosmetic items. The material selection also matters so, make sure that you are selecting the ones which are recyclable and reusable easily. In the end, remember to educate the customers to put the used eyeshadow packaging boxes into the recycling bins. This will increase word of mouth about your packaging in the market and promote a sustainable image of your brand. 

There are different ways through which the eyeshadow packaging can be made attractive and unique. The elegant color themes can do this job effectively. Incorporating the logo of your product and brand can prove beneficial in this regard. Besides, impressively textured coatings and alluring finishing options also increase the aesthetics of your packaging.

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