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A bicycle is often the first vehicle a kid learns to balance and drive in his/her life. Learning bicycle riding brings to your child many skills. He/she learns how to steer a vehicle, how to balance it, how to be attentive while riding, and also provides to him/ the new manoeuvrability skills that he/she may use while driving other vehicles as well.

The kids often look up to their parents and older siblings when they want to learn bicycle riding. Learning bicycle riding is a slow and gradual approach as many of us would admit and a kids scooter may help. We do not need to implement any extremist ideas when we make our kids and children learn bicycle riding. Here are some important tips that will help you when you try to make your child learn about bicycle riding.

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Start bicycles with training/extra wheels:

BMX riding learning involves many different skills and expertise. The child has to learn how to steer the vehicle, and he or she would also be required to inculcate the balancing skills. When at the start itself, the child should be trained on the bicycles having the extra wheels at the rear. The cobbler scooter has these wheels, which prevent toppling over the kid when he/she fails to balance the bicycle. With the presence of extra wheels at the rear, the child can focus more on steer control and manoeuvrability of the vehicle. He/she also learns how to pedal and drive the vehicle. These extra wheels at the rear can be gradually removed once the child has enough expertise in manoeuvrability, pedalling, and steering of the bicycle.

Practice on the grassy areas

Areas that have mild glass covering are good for learning bicycles and scooters. Grass offers to cushion even if the kid topples over. As there are no hard surfaces, the kid will not meet any major accident even if he or she falls or loses his or her balance. Still, you need to be alert.

Seat adjustment

The seat of the bicycle can also be adjusted. You can lower the seat so that the kid can settle down comfortably. He/she will also learn the balancing skills faster if when he/she is seated ideally on the bicycle.

Do not hold the scooter or the bike

Many parents try to hold on the scooter or the bicycle when their kid learns the skills related to its driving. This can be a bad practice as the kid may find it hard to maintain the balance with some extra force and pressure applied at the rear. It is better to walk alongside the bike or to follow the kid from behind. This way you will able to manage the untoward incidents while not disturbing the learning curve of the kid.

Help the child learn how to navigate

Kids often look at the ground or downwards when they initially start to ride a toy scooter or a bicycle. You should help them learn better by telling them to look in front and not downward. The kid will be able to see the route better this way, which will also bolster his or her confidence towards driving the bicycle.


The kid will learn the art of pedalling the bicycle better when he/she rides it on a flat surface. Ensure that you find the suitable surfaces for different phases of learning so that the kid masters the art of riding the bicycle in the least of time.

The toy scooters and smaller bicycles help the kids learn cycling at an early stage. There are various aspects including peddling, balancing, steering, and others that need special emphasis while learning. The kid should be supervised throughout the learning curve and provided with proper tips, so as to fasten the learning process and to avoid injuries.

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