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In preparation for Art Basel, USPA Nationwide Security deployed a team of intelligence analysts to work with executive protection, event security, and outside protective teams across Miami Beach.

Art Basel Miami 2022

This art fair brings together artists, dealers, and collectors in the heart of Miami Beach. Over 4,000 artists from around the world exhibit their work during this four-day event every winter. In addition to being an exhibition of art, the show is also a cultural event that brings together artists and communities from around the world. Every year, the fair is held at the Miami Beach Convention Center from December 1 to 3. More than 250 galleries from around the world participate in the event. As part of the fair, attendees will have the opportunity to meet industry experts, meet celebrities, and attend live art performances. There will be 26 first-time exhibitors at this year’s show. Over 4,000 artists contributed to this edition, making it the largest to date. Over 100 thousand people are expected to attend, and approximately 283 galleries will participate. There will also be special events and pop-up galleries at the art fair. Positions, which feature original works by emerging artists, will be featured in this year’s edition. Moreover, the Meridians sector will feature 20 large-scale projects, including works by artists such as Joseph Beuys, Yves Saint Laurent, and Craig Robins.

In order to identify potential threats at Art Basel, intelligence analysts are on duty

During Art Basel, USPA Nationwide Security’s Titanium Service, its highest caliber of celebrity security, will monitor security threats for its broad client base in the Miami Beach area. Additionally, the analysts coordinate the safety of celebrity clients as they arrive from different countries with other security teams. As well as providing assessments for policymakers, these former military intelligence personnel assist with route planning and security planning.

In addition to gathering information from various sources, including public records, internal databases, and social media sites, our intelligence analysts analyze large volumes of data,” said Brian Fitzgibbons, Vice President at USPA. Analysts analyze incoming information in order to validate existing intelligence and identify gaps. Further, they evaluate the reliability of incoming information, as well as the threat it poses to the protected individual or event. Moreover, they are responsible for investigating and evaluating changes in extremist group positions, capabilities, and activities and relaying them to the appropriate field team leaders.

An overview of the USPA’s Nationwide Security Intelligence Service

Since 2005, USPA Nationwide Security has provided close protection services on six continents. Celebrities and other individuals are protected by the Titanium Service, a concierge-style executive security unit. In addition to threat-centered security planning, VIP protection, executive risk assessments, proactive threat monitoring, data aggregation, and crisis management, the intelligence service is also responsible for crisis management. A number of former military and federal intelligence analysts are employed by the intelligence service. USPA also provides security guards, armed officers, fire watch service and superyacht security. 

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