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Evolving technology is touching everyone through various aspects of their personal and professional life. Even for intoxication purpose, e-cigarettes are replacing the traditional smoking product. These are called vaporisers in which you need to fill the cartridge of fluid for diffusing. Nowadays, vapes are available in different models including a pen that you can easily put in the front pocket or perfume size cases to carry in your backpack. Just like different flavours of cigarettes, vape’s fluids are also available in multiple flavour options even more than cigarettes. However, these electronic smoking gadgets also have some pros and cons like other smoking stuff. Read carefully to know its benefits and hazards.

Benefits of using vapes

1) Less toxicity than a cigarette
A typical cigarette contains more than 400 toxins that you inhale while smoking. While comparing it with vape juice, you will find that the juice is much safer. Although all kind of smoking is injurious, vapes don’t involve any kind of combustion. Consequently, your lungs remain free from tar which is the main reason for the respiratory problem.

2) Great alternative for chain smokers
Chain smokers who are fed up of their habit and want to quit can get some help from vapes. A vaporizer is almost 95% safer than a normal cigarette to consume. It doesn’t affect your lung’s capacity, sense of smelling and tasting. Diffusor inside the vaping gadget produce smoke by heating the liquid. It is very smooth to inhale without any adverse impacts.

3) Cost-effective
It is like a one-time investment where you have to spend a certain amount of money on vaporizing gadget and its fluid. This cartridge of vape lasts much longer than a typical cigarette packet. Therefore, smokers don’t have to buy it on a regular basis. A single cartridge can last longer than a week or two depending on smoker’s habit.

4) multiple options in readymade
Vapes come in multiple options of flavours, ingredients and intensity. You can buy a cannabis-based fluid cartridge for getting high on weed or just fruit flavours to enjoy. It is ready to use gadget that doesn’t require additional support for combustion or diffusion. You just need to recharge the battery after a certain period when the power indicator goes low.

Drawbacks of using vapes

1) Nicotine factor
No matter whether you are smoking with a vape or traditional cigarette, both of them ends up with nicotine. It is the most harmful ingredient that promotes a feeling of dizziness. After finishing the smoking session with the electronic smoking gadget, your mouth will dry out which is an annoying feeling.

2) Increasing the number of new smokers
Teenagers consider it as a beginner’s gadget for developing the habit of smoking. Some people show curiosity whereas others prefer to smoke with vape just to show off as a fashion statement. However, this curiosity gradually converts them into chain smokers after some time.

3) The threat of toxic substances
It is true that davinci vaporiser or any other diffusor involves less risk of toxicity as compared to a typical cigarette. Still, it implies some adverse impacts on health by releasing harmful substances. As per some studies on vapes, it is concluded that vape users are highly prone to the danger of lead, formaldehyde and nitrosamines exposure.

From the above points, it is clear that any kind of smoking is injurious to health. However, if you are already indulged in this habit, a davinci iq vaporizer can help in neutralising its impacts. It is a safe and affordable option for chain smokers.

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