Thu. May 23rd, 2024

As per a recent survey by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), India’s unemployment rate has increased sharply from around 7.97 per cent in April to 11.9 per cent in May. This means that over a whopping 1.53 crore jobs were lost within just one month.

Amid the volatile market, online recruitment platforms are putting their best foot forward in bringing as much job opportunities as possible to the jobseekers. Waah Jobs is one such portal that has stepped up to help people find jobs, while enabling employers to hire new talents, free of cost. The jobs that it has been offering, span across all industries, categories and roles. 

Commendably, it has made the process of job searching extremely easy and uncomplicated. Job seekers can get their mobile number registered at Waah Jobs app, fill in their profile, upload an updated resume, apply necessary filters and search for jobs. They can even schedule interview on their own through the portal or choose to call the HR directly, for the same. 

With thousands of people looking for jobs in today’s times, many of them often fall victim to scams. Thus, ensuring that jobseekers don’t go through such bitter experience, Waah Jobs has introduced ‘trusted jobs’ feature. By applying the feature, applicants can access those jobs that have been specially verified by the team at Waah Jobs. 

The platform has also come up with a new job category – ‘Work from Home’ which includes those jobs that can be done remotely. While several states of India are slowly unlocking, the fear against covid-19 still looms large. With that said, by clicking on Waah Jobs’  ‘work from home’ category, jobseekers can explore those jobs that can be done remotely. 

While most mainstream job boards are centred on white and grey collar workers, Waah Jobs has carved a niche for itself by catering to all kinds of jobseekers from across several industries. Moreover, jobs are more than a means of upgrading one’s career. For some, they are a means of survival and for others, they are source of their children’s tuition fees. Taking these into consideration, it is laudable how platforms like Waah Jobs have been going out of the way to ensure that people from walks of life get to bag their desired jobs. 

Over the years, companies hailing from various industries have been leveraging Waah Jobs to hire new talents at no cost. The best part? Job roles are not just restricted to one category. From deliver boys to customer care, sales and backend, opportunities are diverse and limitless. 

Thus, during times like today when India’s unemployment rate has reached a record high since June last year, Waah Jobs has emerged as an ideal platform for both employers and jobseekers.

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