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WeedWant Same-day Weed Delivery? You’ve Come To The Right Place

Same-day weed delivery was a privilege Canadian cannabis consumers could only dream of, even after adult-use cannabis legalization. While Canada’s federal government regulated the herb’s production, it devolved sales regulation to provincial authorities; they monopolized delivery services yet lacked same-day delivery infrastructure.

COVID-19 triggered a series of events, leading to legal private weed delivery services in various provinces. However, most Canadians typically “call a guy” and remain clueless about finding legal same-day weed delivery services, like weed delivery Vancouver. Fortunately, this post offers a roadmap to legal same-day weed delivery; hence you can now delete “the guy’s” number.

1. Black Rabbit Weed Delivery 

Back Rabbit is an online weed dispensary and a cannabis delivery service all wrapped in one, offering same-day delivery across various provinces, including Ontario and Alberta. The consensus among Canadian cannabis consumers is that disappointment is one thing you will never experience once you go Black Rabbit. 

The same-day delivery service stocks an impressive range of expertly curated cannabis flowers, including AAAA+ grade weed, concentrates, and hash. Although they source their buds from BC’s finest, federally licensed cannabis cultivators, they also conduct independent lab tests on products, giving consumers a 100% quality guarantee. Furthermore, they use premium packaging for their weed, including mason jars and humidity-control bodeva bags, keeping the buds superbly fresh. 

For non-smokers, the delivery service stocks various cannabis-infused products, like edibles and vapes. Once you visit their e-commerce platform, click the “shop” button, select your city under same-day delivery and proceed as with a typical e-commerce platform. But remember the minimum purchase value qualifying for delivery is $70, exclusive of a $10 delivery fee.

Black Rabbit delivery service has affordable prices and gives complimentary gifts for orders above $120; the larger the order, the more significant the gift. Their friendly yet professional drivers typically fulfill same-day deliveries in approximately 90 minutes. 

Payment is cash on delivery ONLY, and you should have the exact amount since their drivers do not carry change. Should you experience any hurdles while shopping or have any general questions, you can contact their equally friendly and knowledgeable customer support agents. Black Rabbit weed delivery builds on creating a smooth shopping experience and an even smoother cannabis experience.


Black Rabbit Weed Delivery

2. Budhub

Budhub is arguably the most comprehensive Canadian online cannabis directory, linking consumers with cannabis establishments in the country, including same-day delivery services. The directory eases the “due diligence” burden for consumers and only includes licensed establishments as listings.

Besides being comprehensive, Budhub’s platform is exceptionally intuitive and fully optimized to make browsing for same-day weed delivery services a smooth affair. You can either type “same-day delivery” and your location in the search function or use their same-day delivery menu. Budhub currently features 269 listings for legal same-day delivery facilities serving most Canadian provinces. 

Under the same-day delivery menu, you can apply one or more filters to refine your search; including, “near me,” “price,” and “open now.” You can also sort the search results to feature the most viewed, most reviewed, or highest-rated same-day weed delivery services. Each listing features a brand name, product price range, and user reviews.

You have to visit a delivery site’s platform to establish product variety, how long they take to fulfill orders and delivery charges. While Budhub requires sifting through various same-day delivery options, it does the heavy lifting for you by vetting the service providers and centralizing the viable options. Moreover, it also gives you the option to shop locally, promoting cannabis establishments within your area code.

3. Weedmaps

Weedmaps is yet another online cannabis directory linking consumers to cannabis businesses, like same-day delivery services. The tech-savvy online directory utilizes geotags to ping your location and gives you a list of available same-day delivery facilities serving your locality. The site also features a “change the address” button, allowing you to view delivery services in places other than your current location

Once you type in your address, Weedmaps generates a list of all same-day weed delivery services in your locality, including their product menus and user reviews. 

However, note that Weedmaps is primarily a visibility platform and does not fulfill orders. Consequently, the duration it takes for you to receive your same-day delivery depends on individual service providers’ policies. The Weedmaps mobile app is available on Apple Store and Google Play Store.



4. Leafy Things

Though established in 2020, Leafy Things is a fast-rising weed directory, linking consumers to various cannabis services, including same-day delivery and cannabis doctors. The platform teams up exclusively with licensed same-day weed delivery services, eliminating the need for due diligence on your part.

Leafy Things’ platform is pretty straightforward and features a deliveries menu on the homepage. Once you click on the menu, you can view the available delivery listings for your service area; the platform distinguishes same-day delivery from mail-order marijuana.

Each listing features four landing pages, namely, a brand bio page, an exclusive product search page, including product categories, a review page, and a deals page. Delivery charges and the duration it takes to fulfill an order vary with each listing. The platform also includes contact information on each listing, should you need to contact the service provider.


Leafy Things


Canada’s same-day weed delivery services give Canadian cannabis shopping a much-needed makeover. Therefore, you know where to start if you are yet to enjoy. The safe and convenient legal same-day weed delivery services.






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