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Temperature controls are essential when it comes to maintaining production at optimum levels without crossing the production border into damage, material loss, and safety risks. However, to make temperature controls work consistently and reliably, the right equipment needs to be used. When generic or low-cost temperature controls are applied, the results end up being painful surprises. The reliability of such equipment tends to be spotty, often used for meeting minimum requirements, and ends up driving costs higher in the long-run as more and more early replacement is needed to keep systems working correctly.

Trying Well-Designed Temperature Controls

Watlow’s selection of temperature controls are a world of difference, both in quality as well as use and performance. The safety features always include the ability to handle multiple inputs, and they provide an open-loop separation identification. With a similar number of multiple output options, users can rely on the Watlow temperature controls for both alarm systems as well as system control at the same time.

The configuration options provided by Watlow equipment include both old-style analog input choices as well as adaptive control with Watlow’s TRU-TUNE features. Automatic tuning is also possible. On the output side of the controls, Watlow temperature controls provide analog features, DC and mechanical output connections, solid state and more. The technical features are so varied, most folks working with Watlow controls for the first time are usually overwhelmed a bit by the sudden flexibility in choices.

Matching and Compatible Equipment Support

Watlow provides an extensive choice of temperature sensors that are completely compatible with their temperature controllers as well. That includes thermocouples, thermistors, and resistance temperature detectors. All of this equipment is also supported with sensor accessories and SERV-RITE wires, all of which is provided up to Watlow standards for quality and reliable performance as well. When one builds a complete system with Watlow equipment, the results end up being an amazing sensor and control grid of system management built to last and function under pressure as well.

A Double-Layer of Technical Support

In addition to Watlow’s own technical product support as well as an extensive library of product documentation, Seagate Controls provides direct support as a Watlow product dealer. That means a client working with our Seagate specialists can be fully supported in working through developing specifications for what is needed, guided through Watlow’s product selection for the right choices, and then supported with the correct wiring materials and Watlow accessories as well. The results are system installations or upgrades that are guided with expert technical knowledge and Watlow documentation.

None of this support is possible or available when a system build relies on generic equipment from a general hardware and electrical supplier. In fact, one ends up being far more limited, and the low quality of generic equipment and sensors ends up costing more with additional replacements over time. Watlow temperature controllers and supporting equipment avoid these problems right up front. And instead, your manufacturing system and temperature processes run smoothly, reliably and safely for your employees utilizing them.

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