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Choosing the right control panel for your electrical and power systems isn’t a simple matter of hooking up the wiring with a switch pulled off the local hardware store shelf and hoping everything works great. Your control panel choice should be as reliable as the rest of your electrical system and power grid versus being its Achilles Heel.

Reliability & Flexibility Combined

Watlow’s WATCONNECT® standard control panels provide a solid and dependable management point for your power systems. Even more important, Watlow’s control panels are very configurable so they can be specifically matched to your performance expectations and system functions. That includes features associated with heater monitoring, temperature controls, thermal management and power regulation. This configuration approach can be stood up on an order within two to three weeks, depending on need and specs, and it allows key tailoring as your system is being built and updated. Normally, trying to obtain custom control panels from other sources could take weeks longer even two months.

Buildable, Adjustable and Packed with Advantages

WATCONNECT panels add to their flexibility because their design is extremely scalable as well. This allows Watlow control panels to be usable and fitted to countless different system applications as well. Your engineering and facility capacity ends up being the limitation of what’s possible with Watlow panels involved.

Key features of Watlow control panels options include:

  • Increased connection point options with multiple access points
  • Compatibility with a high variety of applications
  • Minimized lead times which speeds up your system installation or upgrade
  • An extensive library of WATCONNECT control panel documentation
  • Lots of input/output choices available which provides extensive options for connections, monitoring and data feed
  • Integration with Watlow components including Watlow sensors, heater equipment and control devices

Your system plant design will have various challenges in the build or in the upgrade you will implement. What doesn’t have to be a challenge are your choice of control panels. Instead, they can be the cornerstone of your power grid build. And with Watlow equipment in your stable, the ability to continue to build and improve your system in phases is quite easy, doable and powerful.

Generic Equipment Isn’t a Savings

Remember, choosing your equipment off the standard shelf means your control panels and related equipment are limited to whatever generic and general design tends to be the major part maker. Unfortunately, that tends to be singular in focus and function. You will find generic control panels end up being underpowered, restrictive and frustrating to work with. Those types of headaches aren’t going to be the case when dealing with Watlow control panels and the related Watlow product support system.

With Seagate Controls and our technical support team, you can take advantage of Watlow options and control panel choices with our full support. Our specialists can help you plan your system with immediate needs as well as long-term expectations. And, because we’re local, you gain an additional layer of technical assistance as well. Our partnership with Watlow gives you a double benefit, reinforcing the success of your Watlow control panel implementation.

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