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Generators are a fast and effective way to ensure uninterrupted power to your business when you need it the most.

Generator hire is the ideal power solution for both planned works and emergencies such as;

  • Scheduled shut downs
  • Maintenance interruptions
  • Additional power support
  • Events, broadcasts, theatre productions
  • Emergencies
  • Power cuts
  • Disaster recovery – floods and fires

A professional, reliable generator hire company will ensure that everything is handled for you from the planning and design, to supply and installation. This will include factoring in key details such as your location, power requirements and application type to provide the best generator for your business needs. 

Power Solutions 

There is a suitable generator for all needs from residential and commercial to industrial and for businesses it’s important to always be prepared as loss of power can often lead to unfulfilled orders, a halt on services and disappointed clients and customers.


Emergencies can come in many forms but commonly things such as flooding, fires or unprecedented power outages can result in businesses losing valuable revenue. Even in an office – a simple power cut means no telephones, computers or heating and will often mean that employees and staff have to be sent home for safety reasons. This all means that whilst you have no power – you are losing money!

With emergency generator hire – companies are able to be back up and running in a matter of days or even hours depending on the circumstances. This can be the crucial difference at such a stressful time and allows owners and managers to focus on getting their business back on track. 


When Relocating it is important for some businesses that vital areas such as communication equipment and IT infrastructures are preserved and that every precaution is taken to ensure that loss of power does not occur during the various stages of the transfer. 

With standby generators in place, companies are able to safeguard their critical equipment during the move whilst everything is carefully moved over to the new premises. 

Maintenance and Remedial Work

Sometimes maintenance or remedial work isn’t within your control and if the potential loss or temporary lack of power will have a negative effect on your business then generator hire could be the key. 

Whether it’s onsite maintenance or the regional electricity suppliers carrying out essential works and upgrades – it’s important to plan accordingly and keep your business running. 

This doesn’t just affect offices but all industries and types of businesses including;

  • Schools and educational facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Data Centres
  • Events 
  • Sports and fitness centres
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Offices
  • Retail 
  • Leisure


This can cover everything from weddings, shows, fetes and festivals to markets and theatrical productions. 

A special event is planned down to every last detail and the timing is extremely important. A complete loss of power on the day of a wedding for example could be disastrous and isn’t something that can simply be rescheduled! 

Generator hire can ensure your event goes off without a hitch to provide a reliable, safe and cost effective source of power for your needs, including;

  • Lights 
  • Main building / ceiling lights
  • Fairy lights
  • Marquee lighting
  • Spot lights
  • DJ Lighting
  • Light up dance floors


  • Catering
  • Cooking equipment
  • Ovens / grills
  • Hobs
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Drinks bars
  • Food trucks
  • Food stations


  • Entertainment 
  • DJ Equipment
  • Photo booths
  • Speakers, microphones, subwoofers
  • Bouncy Castles


  • Temperature Control
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Fans

Short Term

There are some businesses that are seasonably busier at certain times of the year or some that can require additional power on the odd occasion – such as construction. For short term contract needs, generator hire offers a convenient, simple and affordable solution to help ensure continuous power for all equipment.

Generator Hire

For professional and reliable generator hire – Templant Group provide a fast and friendly service that operates 24 hours a day – providing you with the advice and equipment you need quickly.

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