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Winter is around the corner, the days are going to be freezing one with chattering teeth, cold hands, and numb feet. The Sun will play hide and seek and keep us cold and make us want to be in the blanket all day. For many of us, winter can be depressing, but it doesn’t have to be. You should welcome winter with open arms and enjoy it. Welcoming winter becomes a little easier with the use of particular clothes and tools to stay warm and healthy. If you think of another way, winter is nature’s way of telling that it is time to slow down and enjoy your personal and family life.

Its time to enjoy some night walks around your neighborhood in the brisk, damp air.

On the winter solstice, the northern hemisphere has its “shortest day” or least amount of sunlight. Winter Solstice has been celebrated since ancient times. Traditionally, it is celebrated as the promise of light, warmth and the return of spring. The word solstice translates into “sun stands still.” This particular day will be the darkest of the year.

Here are some simple, peaceful ways to welcome winter with open arm.

Enjoy some outside Time

Go out with your family and friends, have some barbeque and drinks. Enjoy building a snowman with your kids. Take a night walk with your partner. Gather pine cones, acorns, and fallen evergreen branches. Whatever the weather where you live, take some time to enjoy nature and say a big hello to everything.

Keep yourself Warm

Keeping yourself warm is the most important thing during winter. It will keep yourself away from running nose. Your body needs extra circulation so take part in some indoor and outdoor activities to keep yourself warm. Wear warm clothes, put your gloves and shoes. dress in layers and keep extra clothes like jackets in the car. Additionally, Spice your palate with turmeric, garlic, ginger. Avoid alcohol. Although alcohol may make you feel as though you’re warmer, it actually decreases core body temperatures.

Buy some appliances to heat your house

In traditional houses, you have seen a fireplace where people are burning wood to produce heat. But nowadays these fireplaces are not so common. Although there are many home and kitchen appliances which are specially made for the winter season. You can install a room heater to lower the temperature of the room, also in many air conditioners, there is the facility of heat the room. Also, adding infrared heaters to your screened porch can turn your 3 seasons screened porch into a 4 season room.

Increase your intake of Vitamin D

Our body needs ample Sunlight to combat many diseases including cancer, skin diseases as well as fight depression. But during winter it will be difficult to get enough Sun. Whenever you are getting a chance to go out in the Sun and spend some good amount of time. According to study people with darker skin have the highest rate of Vitamin D deficiency. They need more sun exposure to meet their daily value. Along with this, you should also think of taking Vitamin D supplements.

Select your Home Furnishings and interior wisely

Winter is the best time to create a cosy setting near your window or arcade area and spending some quality time reading, playing, talking or simply relaxing with books or music when the sun is up and pack up before winter sets in. Also, install some mirrors to divert lights inside your house. You should choose double-layered thick fabric curtains to keep your room warmer for a longer time. Double layer of drapery aids insulation to the interior, making it harder for heat to escape.

Enjoy some special foods and drink

We all love delicious foods cooked with spices and oil. But during winter many of us fall sick because we all love to stay indoors when the outside weather is cold. So that we breathe each other’s germs due to the proximity, and can fall sick easily and catches a cold and flu. So, it is advisable to eat healthy foods which boost your immunity to fight these germs. You should include some spices like peppers, turmeric, Fennels. Turmeric has many health benefits and can help reduce inflammation and fight infections. You should also include Yoghurt, Oysters, Sweet Potatoes, Garlic, Salmon into your meal. It is not advisable to eat frozen foods during winter. Although most of us like to eat ice creams during winter.

Install water heating appliances

During winter it is always difficult to take a bath with freezing water. You should install a water heater inside your bathroom to get the warm water. Also, there are many small geysers which will give you hot water to wash your utensils.

Measure Your Shadow

In the northern hemisphere, during winter the earth is tilted away from the Sun. The sun is lower in the sky and creating long shadows. Takeout some time and measure your shadow with friends and also take photographs of different shadow poses.

You always welcome winter with an open hand and enjoy its every moment. Some of these things will help you to enjoy your winter very well.

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