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Buying a new house or moving to an existing one will always exciting and gives life’s great joys. But putting together all the things to make your house beautiful is always harder than you think. It is sometimes very confusing about how should we decorate our new house. How do you make your space look its best while reflecting your sense of style? If you organise it well then you will end up with a comfortable, happy home. While if it is organized poorly then there may be a hodge-podge of furniture, fabrics and paint colours which results in an unpleasant environment. It is always recommended to analyse everything in advance and then go for arranging everything from furniture to colours. Here in this guide, we will help you with some of the ideas while decorating your new house. These ideas will help you to organise your house well and also helps to save money and space.

Determine the Purpose of the Room

This should be always the first step before designing your house. Some areas are designed as per their purpose like a kitchen for cooking foods, bedroom for sleep, home office for working and more. You can’t design your bedroom in the same way you designed your kitchen. Both have different styles of furniture, colours, flooring etc. People like to have matt finish flooring inside the kitchen while in the bedroom they like carpet. Overall, you should base the decor, colour scheme, furniture materials, layout and overall feel of the room on what it will be used for the most.

Do Your Research and Make a list as per your Budget

Before starting with decorating you should first come up with a solid concept for your room, you need at least a general idea of what you want. Like should you keeping a bulk of the furniture you already have but switching out the accents, or are you going with a clean slate? What style is your home, or what style would you like it to be — traditional, modern, eclectic or something else? Early on, you must figure out your budget and what matters most to you. If you are hiring some interior designer then you should also include their charges in your budget.

Don’t Start in the Furniture Store

You should never buy in panic just because you have an empty home. A piece of furniture with wrong alignment and design will ruin your whole design. Always take the measurement and then go for furniture. The furniture must according to your interiors like the wall and other items. Sometimes we like some furniture in the store and end up buying it without measuring. Plan a rough idea of where you want to place your sofa, bed, side table, coffee table. Once you decided everything then buy accordingly to it.

Know Your Measurements

Start in the room you’re looking to furnish, armed with a measuring tape and a notepad. Before buying any furniture, measure the length and width of each room you intend to decorate. You also consider the ceiling height and elements that could get in the way like stairs, columns and other obstructions. Sometimes it is also good to measure window openings, along with the wall space below, above and to the sides of each one, to get ready for window coverings. There should be ample empty space between the furniture so that you can easily move around.

Create a Floorplan

If you are good at design then you should draw a rough layout of all furniture. It will give you an idea about how much moving space left between furniture and also how they will look once fully organised.

If you can afford an interior designer then they have an expertise of tools like AutoCAD. Professional interior designers have a good experience of organising any house. Once you have the outline of the space, start experimenting with the placement of furniture, making sure that the footprint of each piece is scaled to match the size of the drawing.

Decide which theme you like most

This is a very tricky part, and there are no right or wrong answers for this. According to layout and designs, rooms can be traditional or modern, formal or relaxed, and visually warm or cool. All looks good depends upon person to person. Most of us like simple and formal theme while many of us like some glossy and bright theme. You should organise according to your taste.

Utilise modern technologies

Nowadays home are not traditional homes instead it becomes a smart home. There are many appliances which can be controlled by your smartphones. These home and kitchen appliances will make your life easy. You can utilise security cameras, smart locks as well as alarms inside your home. many of us like music and can install Bluetooth speakers inside the bathroom, living room and kitchen.

Plan your Kitchen in Advance

The most used and important room in our house is the kitchen. It is the heart of your home and is the most used room in our home. Whether a kitchen is small or large it is always the hub of your house. Most of the family gathering happens around the dining table. You should plan which kitchen appliances you are going to install in your kitchen. Decide its shed and colour and buy according to allocated space. You should only buy those appliances which enhance your kitchen beauty. Nowadays you will find many kitchen appliances which will adjust to the theme of the kitchen. If your kitchen is in light theme then go for appliances with white colour. While for a dark kitchen you can buy steel finish. Also, every appliance must be in accordance with each other. Like if you buy a dishwasher with white colour while your smart hub refrigerator having a steel colour then it will give an unpleasant look to the kitchen.

Lastly, remember that decorating your home should be fun. You should always enjoy all of its steps. Listen to everyone, get new ideas on the internet and also check around other houses to get an idea to enhance the beauty. Every small step adds into your home decor.



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