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The holiday season is just around the corner and kids are smitten by its magic. According to Reviews, while kids get a break from school, enjoy sweet delicacies, and get to play around a lot more than usual, they can also get cranky, overtired, and greedy during this time. Here’s how you can make holidays with the kids easy and avoid the above-mentioned scenario:

The Holiday

  1. Gift them and let them participate in the gifting process – Gifting and the spirit of sharing is high during the holidays. Yes, you shouldn’t make gifts the highlight of the holiday season around kids, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help out. Gifting someone is equally rewarding as getting gifts and you should take the opportunity to teach that lesson to your young ones. Even if they are too young to buy gifts, let them give their opinions when you buy gifts for other people. 

You may have similar memories of combing through the mall with your dad while looking for the perfect gift for your mom. Apart from that, you can also allow your kids to give their old toys to a charity or give them a little bit of money to buy toys for donation to an orphanage. Moreover, you need to remember that a PS5 or Xbox One X isn’t going to be the best and most cherished gift you can give to your child. Instead, it’s the time spent together by the whole family baking cookies or playing a game together. 

  1. Routines can help – The holiday season is the greatest excuse for adults to break away from their mundane routine. However, for kids, leaving the comfort of routine may be stressful. Hence, you need to keep a few things constant amidst all the change. Even if it’s the holidays, kids need snack time, extra attention from you, and a bit of unwinding before they go to bed. You won’t be judged when you see your kids get angsty and excuse yourself from the gathering to bath your kids, get them into their jammies, and watch a short movie with them. 
  2. Allow kids to help you – Holidays bring in joy, families together, and a lot of extra work. Decorations need to go up, big dinners need to be cooked and you have to throw parties all the time. When your inner Martha Stewart takes over, it’s important to include your kids in all of that as well. 

Children can help in decorating the house, set the table, and while wrapping presents. Even if they are too young to wrap presents, allow them to get the tape or hold down the wrapping paper. During the holidays, the preparation can be fun when everyone is working towards the end goal. 

Conclusion Reviews believes that you should also reduce the length or participation of kids in events that may test their behavior. For instance, parties with plenty of strangers, lengthy services, and complicated meals don’t keep kids in their best behavior.

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