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Diwali is also known as Deepawali. The term Deepawali is divided into two parts. Deep means light whereas awali means row of light. Diwali is a festival that eliminates the entire country and dazzles it a full-fledged Shine. People are drenched with joy and everybody has a positive even in heart.

The Hindu month Kartik begins somewhere when the festivals of Diwali comments. Diwali is a different traditional together. 

Some of the people in villages used to believe that the valley comes up with marriage of Goddess Lakshmi.

It is believed that Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya back with his wife goddess Sita and his brother Laxman. It took 14 years for Lord Rama to return to his birthplace back after killing the demon King Ravana. The grand celebration Diwali is therefore more pious and joyful.

Therefore, they particularly worshipped goddess of wealth on the event. Some of the people celebrate diwali as birthday of Goddess Lakshmi. 

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When and Why Diwali is Being Celebrated

Diwali falls on different dates on different years. Generally, it is celebrated somewhere in the October and or the beginning of November. The festival falls on a Hindu lunar calendar where everyone enchants the stories of Lord Rama and his wife feet are returning from exile. Diwali is a festival week starts with Dhanteras Puja and ends with Bhai Dooj.

The couple defeated demon Ramana in somewhere 15 century. The celebration of Diwali is to remember the legendary act where evilness was defeated by Lord Rama’s goodness. People celebrate the festival with candles, earthen Diyas and colorful Rangoli art works. You would see a variety of designs made on the entrance of each home. Also, you would find Happy Diwali wish image that would reflect the creativity of Rangoli artwork.

People use colored rice powder and floor to do the needful. They share gifts and sweets to bring the festivities. Leave within cleaning up of house is strongly believed to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.


Celebrate Diwali with Tasty Cuisines

People make tasty dishes on Diwali. Apart from that, they indulge in dining outside and ordering food for making the festival all the more happy. 

The festival of Diwali is all about prosperity, joy and delicious food. When guests arrive to watch Fireworks and celebrate the occasion, people filled them with best of sweets and cuisines. The lavish food of Diwali makes it the favorite festival of Hindus.


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  • I pray that the light of knowledge spreads like gleam of Diya all over. Wishing you more like and love on this Diwali.
  • I prayed that you enjoy the festival by burning lots of crackers and spreading happiness all over. I wish that you burn away your sadness and worries eternally just like insects wandering around Diya. Have a safe and prosperous Diwali with your family.
  • On this Diwali, burst away the chain of sorrow and lit a lamp of love. I pray that you shoot like a rocket and Blossom like a flower pot. Happy Diwali 2020
  • Diwali night is all about happy colors and light. Happy Diwali

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