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Women’s reproductive health is of great significance as it determines the chances of them being able to conceive or birth children successfully. The organs of women’s reproductive system can be sensitive due to the regular occurrence of menstrual periods every month. The constant activity can make these systems prone to various conditions affecting their fertility. This has necessitated the need for a well woman exam San Antonio. This exam and what it is all about are discussed in detail below.

What are Well Woman Exams?

Well-woman exams are procedures, counseling, tests, or immunizations done by a physician on women depending on your lifestyle, age, and medical history. These exams are a roadmap to women’s healthcare, making a difference in whether you live or thrive.

These exams should be done once a woman becomes sexually active or twenty-one years old. This is the only sure method of early detection of cervical cancer while leading the defense against conditions of the female reproductive system.

What to expect?

The exam is similar to standard physician appointments. It begins with filling out questionnaires concerning any ongoing medications, your medical history, your menstrual cycle, general demographic information, whether you have been pregnant before, and any sexual activities engaged. Standard information about your weight, height, and blood pressure are taken before you change into a gown for more invasive tests.

This exam involves four main components that are as follows:

Physical Exam

This can be similar to standard physicals by your usual doctor. It is advantageous to get both the exam and the physical simultaneously. The gynecologist goes through your medical issues while inquiring about any ongoing problems. Vital signs, lungs, heartbeat, abdomen, neck, and reflexes are also checked by providing urine and blood samples.

Pelvic Exam

Many women do not like this exam, although it helps identify early signs of sexually transmitted infections, cancer, and any inflammation causes. The exam is done lying down with your feet raised. The outside of your vagina is checked for irritation, redness, discharge, and infection signs.

The position and size of your uterus, ovaries, vagina, and cervix are examined by putting the fingers of one hand in the vagina. At the same time, the other one leans on the abdomen from the outside. Vaginal discharge, menstrual irregularities, or pelvic pain may warrant the exam for those below twenty-one, while those above should get them annually.

Breast Exam

Your physician or gynecologist checks for irregularities or lumps in the breasts as indicators of early signs of breast cancer. They also educate you on how to examine yourself at least once a month.

Pap Smear

This test involves your gynecologist putting a spatula or tiny brush to carefully get a cervical tissue sample while a spatula is beneath to collect. This aims at identifying types of cervical cancer early. It is not typically painful but for a brief pinching feeling. The test should be done annually for sexually active women above twenty-one.

Well-woman exams help identify any underlying conditions and assist in family planning. You can be able to know whether you can or can not conceive. Check our website out or call our offices in San Antonio, TX, for any questions about well-woman exams.

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