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Victims are often surprised by how profoundly their lives are impacted by slip and fall accidents. Part of this naivete lies in the fact that many underestimate the injuries and other consequences that can arise from these incidents. Aside from the physical harm and related financial effects, you might also suffer from psychological or emotional trauma in the aftermath. Fortunately, there are several crucial steps to follow to ensure you receive compensation for all these injuries and side effects.

Defending Your Rights After a Slip and Fall Injury

First and foremost, know that you have the right to receive compensation for any injuries and other damages incurred in your slip and fall lawyer in Oxnard. As the victim, you should never be expected to pay the medical bills that inevitably accumulate after your accident. Instead, this is the responsibility of the negligent property owner, municipality, or another party whose negligence caused your fall.

To exercise this right, you need to file a legal claim against the appropriate party. This requires that you follow the steps listed below:

  1. Report the incident right away. Depending on where you fell, you may need to speak with the home- or business owner, the city department responsible for maintaining walkways, or another entity. In any case, make sure the incident is recorded as soon as possible.
  2. Record as much information regarding your fall as possible. Write down everything about the scene of your fall. This includes the environmental conditions if it took place outside, or if you fell indoors, note any wet substances and similar hazards on the floor. Take pictures and videos as well.
  3. Collect witnesses’ contact information. The property owner may try to blame you for your fall. If so, you will need eyewitness accounts to support your case.
  4. Go to the hospital. While some falls may result in mere bruising, others can be quite serious. Get evaluated by a medical professional as soon as possible, and save documents that reflect any injuries you incurred in the fall.

As you prepare to file your claim, the property owner’s insurer or legal representative may attempt to get a recorded statement from you. You have the right to refuse such communications, as they may be used against you in denying you a payout. For this, you must exercise your right to legal counsel.

Your Right to a Lawyer for Your Slip and Fall Case

Exercising your right to legal defense after a slip and fall accident is essential to ensuring your lawsuit’s success. Your lawyer will help you gather all the necessary evidence to prove that the property owner failed to provide a safe walking area, thus securing your compensatory funds. They’ll protect your right to receive compensation for the following damages:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering (emotional and psychological trauma, for example)
  • Property damage

Call an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer today to get your case started.

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