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One thing that many of us look for in the modern home is a decent sized garage – they’re great storage space and are the perfect way to keep your car safe from damage and theft when left out on the street. The garage can also add value to your home, which is hugely beneficial to you when it comes to selling the household, as it increases the price that you may receive from potential buyers. A vital component of your garage is the door that’s used; there’s a variety of different styles available and each offers a contrasting effect that will benefit your home differently. Below, the experts at Hörmann have given us an overview of side-hinged garage doors – one of the most versatile and practical doors you can find on the market.

Durable and Reliable

The first thing you’ll want to know about your garage doors is how well they can stand up to wear and tear, damage, and forced entry attempts – this is what your garage door will be predominantly tasked with, meaning it’s the fundamental aspects that you need to get right. 

The collection of side-hinged garage doors available from Hörmann are designed to be able to withstand anything that’s thrown at them – this keeps your belongings and vehicles safe and protected whilst they’re locked away. These side hinged doors open outwards and are available in a double leaf design, which allows you to utilise all the interior space that’s available and therefore maximise storage within your home. This double leaf design also allows you to just open half of the opening – this reduces the effect of wear over time as you will need to open both doors far less frequently when only retrieving smaller items. 

A profile cylinder lock is featured to protect your garage from break-ins, which the grounded door is particularly useful when it comes to protecting the interior of the garage from bad weather. With a 42mm thick build, Hörmann’s side hinged garage doors will provide fantastic insulation; if you have any temperature-sensitive goods such as artwork, foods, or woodwork in your garage this is vital.

In addition, I want to address some necessary tools for you garage. It includes hammers, toolkit, low profile floor jack and much more. This tools will help in your everyday life.

Sleek, Modern Design 

Whether you’re redesigning your existing garage or looking to design a new addition to your home, side-hinged garage doors remain a functional choice, but on top of this practicality, they’re also a very aesthetically appealing that’s sure to enhance your home’s kerb appeal. They sit flush within your wall’s structure for a sleek and modern image but open outwards to maximise your space. 


The last thing that you’ll want to consider is sustainability – this will factor in the production methods used to make the doors that you’re using, the materials used, and the transportation of the goods from doors to doors. Ideally, you’ll be looking for doors that are responsibly sourced and which utilise durable materials that require less replacement over time. This means you’ll be using up fewer resources over time.

The garage is becoming an increasingly important part of the modern home – many households now have multiple cars and require more space to store them because of that. Having a garage also gives your home more space in general, with them often being used as extensions to the household; you can often see the garage being used as a utility room, a place to store appliances that can’t fit into the kitchen. However you utilise your garage, they’re a brilliant addition to your home that you’re sure to find a variety of benefits from over time.

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