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As you grow big, needs grow bigger! With the growing needs, you need more money. But sometimes, the situation demands a bulk amount all at once. In that case, either you ask for help from others or seek a personal loan.

Do you think getting personal loans is that easy?

Well, earlier, it would have been a cumbersome and time taking job. However, with the advent of digital platforms, it has become much easier. There is a Chinese apps list available online which help you get the money as quickly as possible.

Top five online loan apps for hassle-free personal loans

The traditional mode of applying for a loan is a long and consuming process. Whereas lending money from private lenders is known to get you high interest rates. In this scenario, you can take help from top five online loan apps and get your loan applied easily.

These loan apps are easy-to-use with simple UI (user interface). Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can use the app without any hassle and apply for a personal loan.


However, all apps have different approval time and disbursement rate. The rate of interest being charged for personal loans may also differ. Therefore, read about all the loan apps carefully and download your favorite one.

Money View Loans App

Money View loans app is a complete solution for getting personal loans online as well as money management. The app can disburse a loan amount of 5 lakhs instantly with minimal interest starting from 1.13% per month.


Features of MoneyView

  • Easy disbursement of a loan amount of INR 10000 to INR 5 lakhs within 2 hours (banking hours) into your bank account
  • Built-in expense tracker to manage your money incoming and outgoings
  • Interest rates from 1.33% to 2.5% per month
  • Flexible loan tenure of 3 months to 60 months
  • Inbuilt payment reminders to not let you forget your EMIs
  • An inbuilt security system that does not read your bank OTP

Bajaj Finserv App

The arrival of the Bajaj Finserv application eased the pain of the money-lending process and allowed the freedom of taking easy loans. Millions of people associated with Bajaj Finserv can prove its worth on one call. The app allowed common men to buy and shop with the freedom of stress-free EMI options.


From personal loans to consumer goods, you can get any of these anytime of the day. But for that, you need to apply for a Bajaj Finserv EMI network card.


Features of Bajaj Finserv

  • Easily avail pre-approved loan offers up to INR 4 lakhs
  • Get no cost EMI that is highly convenient
  • Very minimal documentation required
  • Do foreclosure of your loan up to any amount without paying extra charges
  • Avail shopping offers with more than 60000 store partners across 1300 cities
  • Pay your EMIs over flexible tenure ranging from 3 months to 24 months
  • Fraud-proof against any cybercrimes
  • Affordable interest rate of 12.99% per annum

Dhani App

Dhani is an on-the-go money disbursement app with several reward programs for loyal users. The app does not only lend money for immediate money needs but also has a much-awaited feature – Credit Line. This feature helps its users shop online through the Dhani loan app and pay later through EMIs.


This stylish feature takes a few minutes for set-up, and you get a digital card for the online transaction. You can use this card as a debit/credit card, depending upon the need. The repayment can be done by converting the whole amount into flexible EMIs.


Features of Dhani

  • Instant personal loans that are 24*7 available and hassle-free
  • Get a loan amount ranging from INR 1000 to INR 15 lakhs sanctioned without hassle
  • The interest rate ranges from as meager as 1% to 3.17% monthly
  • You get flexible repayment tenure ranging from as short as 3 months and long as 36 months
  • Minimal processing fee up to 6% depending upon the amount of loan
  • Absolutely zero foreclosure below INR 20000
  • Exciting offers for BigBazaar, BookMyShow, etc. with Dhani wallet
  • Extra reward for promoting the app and becoming a loyal user

KreditBee App

KreditBee loan app targets young professionals who have a stable monthly salary. The young professional with the need for a quick loan can apply here without any collateral. The app says to give up to INR 2 lakhs as a personal loan that is directly sent to the registered bank account.


There are three types of loans provided by KreditBee, 1) Salaries People Personal Loan, 2) Flexi Personal Loan, and 3) Online Purchase Loan.


Features of KreditBee

  • Minimum documentation and paperless online approval
  • Flexible tenure of 62 days minimum and 15 months maximum
  • Rate of interest ranging from 0% to 2.49%
  • Flexi Personal Loan disburse 1000 INR to 50000 INR upon KYC
  • The app has 128bit SSL Safety Encryption to safeguard your meticulous data
  • Online shopping is possible on an ecommerce platform like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

PaySense App

PaySense is a little different app than others because it considers both salaried as well as self-employed folks. A person can apply for a loan of INR 5000 to INR 5 lakh without giving any collateral. In fact, the application even allows you to choose auto-debit options for secure and timely EMIs.


  • Easy-to-use user interface and simple loan process
  • the loan process is paperless and hardly lasts 2-minute
  • Set automatic deduction from your current bank account
  • Can select any tenure ranging from 3 months to 60 months
  • Highly affordable rate of interest up to 13% per annum
  • Easy for both self-employed as well as salaried people with monthly income above INR 15000
  • Quick disbursement of the applied loan amount in the registered bank account within a few days
  • Get sanctioned a loan amount ranging from INR 5000 to INR 5 lakhs


So, with these five digital loan apps, this blog comes to an end for now. These five applications are the most chosen ones and beneficial in getting quick personal loans. However, you need to check your CIBIL score and eligibility before applying with any one of these. Stay well-informed, and stay safe!!

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