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bengali wedding ceremony

A bengali wedding is supposed to be filled with many rituals, which starts with the beautiful ceremony of the wedding day finalization, and ends at “Astha-Mangal” or the eighteenth day after the wedding. The ceremony comprises seven major rituals, which are as follows. 


  • Haldi’ and ‘Tatto


The Haldi is the first major bengali wedding ritual, because this starts the beginning of the wedding day. The culture of this is mostly associated with almost all over India, but the bong people have a little more than just Haldi. ‘Tatto’ is a big part of a bengali wedding. In the Haldi ceremony, these gifts and trays come from the groom’s family. 


  • ‘Subho Drishti’ and ‘Mala Bodol


This is right before the final wedding rituals begin, the bride is brought on a wooden tray. Se is carried on that, by her brothers and brother-in-laws. Then she is moved like that around the groom for seven times. 

The bride actually keeps her face covered with two betel leaves. Right after that she removes that, and both of them see each other for the first time that moment. After that, they exchange garlands made out of flowers. 


  • The final wedding rituals, ‘Saat Paake Bandha


This is the beginning of the bengali wedding rituals, that starts the legal terms of Hindu marriage. The bride and the groom, move around a ring of fire, for seven times and keep fire as one of the witnesses to their marriage. 


  • Sindoor Daan’ 


This is the sweetest moment of any wedding function, as the bride and the groom share the most important and wonderful time of the entire wedding. The groom actually pours red vermillion on the forehead of the bride. This is the final bengali wedding ritual, which completed their Hindu marriage ties. Do not forget to brush your fancy Sabyasachi lehenga, while you move around the wonderful Pheras. 


  • ‘Vidai’ and ‘Bodhu boron


After the bengali wedding ceremony is over, the bride is now all set to  go to her in-laws place. The vidae is basically that very thing, where she is greeted farewell from her own home and she starts the journey of a new life. She is welcomed like a queen in the groom’s place, where she is adorned and the rest of the wedding rituals start taking shape. 


  • Boubhat’ or Reception


This is also the day for the bride’s family, to send ‘Totto’ which is known as the ‘Fulsojja Totto’. These are basic gifts for the groom’s family, and have multiple things in it. Like, fruits, sweets, attires, jewelries, cosmetics and many other things that a bride might need to have. The day of ‘boubhat’ is somewhat very subtle in a bengali wedding, as it marks the post wedding celebration of a couple. 


  • Fulsojja‘ 


Now, that the couple are married and have completed the entire procedure for bengali wedding, it is the time of union. There isn’t any hush-hush about this night, whereas the sisters and sister-in-laws of the groom prepare the bride for the night. The room is decorated like a honeymoon suit, with roses and balloons. Just to make their quality time, even more enjoyable. 

If you’re planning to get married in the couple of months, and you are going to have it done the bengali wedding style then have it brushed out before the wedding day. Remember all the above names, and go for the final step of marriage! 

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