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What are the three steps for improving your B2B database

Currently, we are living in a world of data and you will be surprised to know that every day, 2.5 quintillions of data is produced. Data is now being gathered in various different ways. For example, your Facebook account can tell what you ate last night, your Linkedin account can tell what your job profile is, etc.

Although, data is important in each and every type of business, when it comes to B2B industries, then it becomes one of the most important assets owned by the B2B businesses. Whether you, as a B2B business are making cold calls or using account-based marketing, the database that you own will be the most important part of your overall marketing strategy.

In order to get accurate and pristine information, you must have a clean database that contains the best quality information.  This is one of the main reasons why B2B businesses have started using the services of B2B marketing data providers.

There are many B2B businesses out there that struggle to keep their database accurate and clean. This is why, in this blog post, we will look at a three-step process for improving your B2B database.

Data enhancement

Data enhancement is the simple process of adding extra data set to the customer record that you already have with you and one can easily run the process of data enhancement along with data cleansing. There are many B2B marketing data providers that can offer the data enhancement service. By taking advantage of the data enhancement services, you can easily make the most of your B2B database and get palpable results from your efforts.

In most of the data enhancement processes, the following three steps are used:


This is basically the first process of data enhancement in which relevant fields are added to the customer file and at the same time, cleansing of all the data that has become outdated is also done with precision.


After adding and cleanings of the data, scanning of the existing data is done in order to make sure that the database with which the B2B company is working is accurate. If the database will not be accurate then all the efforts made by the B2B company will go astray.


In this process, all the duplicates that have been added to the database are removed in order to make sure that the effort being put in by the B2B company with its database, doesn’t go to waste. The accuracy of every record is also checked during this process.

Email append

Append simply means to add or supplement and the same is done in the email append process. Email appending can be done by using the information of a known customer base like a phone number or address and then matching it against the data provided by a popular and trusted data vendor in order to update the record with the current email address of the customer. Data providers offering content syndication services can also help you with email append.

When you will match your current database with an updated database provided by a trusted data provider that even offers content syndication services, then you will be able to keep your database updated and thus you will get better results.

But you should know that email appending is not limited to just emails only as you can also verify your existing database for various other fields like age, gender, interest, and much more.

Email hygiene

Maintaining email hygiene is necessary in order to make the right information, reach the right people, at the right time. Email hygiene is a mix of a couple of best practices that can keep your database updated, clean, and error free. Here are some of the best email hygiene practices that you can adopt:

Segment instead of deleting

If a customer in your auto parts api email list is less active then you should segment them in such a way that they receive fewer emails. But you should never delete such customers

Purchase emails list from trusted data vendors

If you are purchasing an email list for your B2B company from a data vendor then you will have to take time to ensure that the data is properly customized for targeting your intended audience.

Know when to take help from expert

If you are failing to maintain your database or if you are not that effective with your marketing efforts then you should opt for the services provided by experts like database marketing services.

Go for the kind of data vendors that offer database marketing services with B2B verified contacts. Make sure that you partner with them to fuel your marketing efforts and make the most of your database based marketing strategies. 

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