Sat. May 25th, 2024

Stalking a profile on social media platforms is very common but often, some people tend to cross their line as far as bothering others is considered. These sorts of people are present on all social media platforms, including Instagram. 

Many users complain about having experienced the harassment, the constant DMs and what not… so, why tolerate? 

You too can take some stern actions against them. 

In this blog, let us find out the possible steps that you can take to solve your problem with the Instagram stalker

  • Make your profile private – The privacy settings of Instagram is very strict and if you make your profile private nobody, except for your followers and people you are following, will be able to see your activities and photos. If you get random follow requests you can easily avoid them. Accepting random follow requests can make your profile vulnerable to stalkers. 

Going private on Instagram is very easy. You just have to go to Instagram settings, click on the privacy and turn it from the public to private. If you have a business account, it must be public so keep the account public instead of making it private, but don’t worry you will have the option to make it private.

  • Block profiles that harass you – You always have the blocking option at your disposal so, whoever is stalking you and harassing you just hit the block button and you’re good to go. If you have a good follower count then getting a few stalkers now and then is quite common so, with the time you will find yourself blocking several profiles. If you want to block someone just visit their profile click on the three dots on the top right of their profile. There you will get the block option. Once you click on the block option you have to agree and you will be done. 
  • Final face-off – If you are daring then you might also want to teach your stalker a good lesson by commenting on their photos and letting others know that the person is a stalker. You can also DM them and warn them to stop whatever they’re doing to harass you. If you take my suggestion, avoid this and straight away block them because things might blow out of proportions and then a chaotic situation will be created unnecessarily. 
  • You can report to the authorities – If your situation is somewhat serious like you are getting threatening messages, or lewd content or abusive messages and so on… then straightaway report it to the cyber cell of the police. This is cybercrime and definitely, the person responsible for bullying you on Instagram will be tracked down and will be penalized. 

Instagram has now removed the “Following” tab, this tab was increasingly used by stalkers to keep an eye on what their victims are liking on Instagram, what are they posting, where they are commenting and much more. Instagram has allowed you to get more private and discreet now which is a great step towards preventing cybercrime from happening.  

By kabir

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