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Are you worried about the hiring season at your firm and don’t know what kind of applicants you are going to face in the interviews? Like any other business owner, you want the best talent for your office with no criminal record that might hurt your business in the future. Do you know how your competitor hired the talented team that has been with the office for the past few years?

National Police Check for Applicants

What if we can reveal the secret hiring recipe of your competitor? A large number of employers in Australia conduct national police checks for their job applicants. There are many other employers too that are worried about the safety of their official records. National police checks or background checks are about knowing the true history of the applicants.

Many applicants try to trick the hiring managers by lying about their criminal record and academic credentials. Background checks can expose all of the hidden details that applicants don’t want the employers to know.

 Here is the checklist of things that employers look for in pre-employment background check:

Employment Verification

Almost every employer wants to know about your previous accomplishments at the workplace. Employment verification will ensure that you are rightfully eligible for the post that you are applying for. From job title to the salary, everything related to your previous job is checked during employment verification.

Credit Checks

There are many financial aspects of your life that employees don’t want their employers to know. During the background check, credit check means the details about social security number, credit score, debts, mortgage payments, and other loans. A bankruptcy check is a common type of check used by entities that hold a financial license in Australia

National Police Checks

If any applicant has been arrested for some kind of illegal activity, a national police check will expose that arrest whether the applicant has mentioned the arrest on the CV or not. Knowing about the criminal history of your employees not only keeps your business safe from unwanted trouble, but national police checks are legal requirements for many jobs (for example aged care jobs). 

Instead of wasting hours or even days checking the credential of the applicants, employers prefer hiring professional national police check service providers. They not only make the job easier, but they also know what matters for the safety of your business. Police history checks in Australia are national checks. So for example, NSW police checks are in essence a national police check.

What Can Employers not check for Pre-employment?

There are some aspects of personal or professional life that cannot be checked for every employee. These depend on state and territories in Australia. If the level of contact with vulnerable people is high, the restrictions may be lifted, and the background check may involve these details too.

Is Background Check useful for Employers?

Being a business owner, what is the biggest issue that you always face regarding the employees? It must be the turnover of the staff. A number of new employees don’t stick to the post for more than one year. When employees switch, it hurts the team performance. 

When you have the details from the background check, you can analyze the previous employment records and other details to predict whether they are going to stay with you or not, and more importantly, if they are suitable for the work and the level of trust being assigned to them in their job role.

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