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Business efficiency is the lifeblood of any organisation. If you manage to crack the perfect balance of company culture mixed with staff that enjoy what they can do with a certain freedom, then that business will thrive.

This is achieved by making every element of the business operation work at 100% wherever best possible. The following suggestions are just ideas but, if executed correctly they can allow you to work to your full potential.

Again, this stems from the top of the organisation all the way throughout, so finding business solutions is essential to business efficiency.

Automate tasks

You don’t want to bog down your staff with work that doesn’t need their intervention. There are hundreds if not thousands of tasks where this could apply. Finding pinch points is something that senior managers need to be discovering. It could be filing receipts or having auto-responses to queries and then clearing up the queue in a work log. Automate these tasks to make things run quicker.

Use HR software

HR systems are key to analysing how an employee is working and understanding what they are working on. Service led industries rely on this software and data to make the best of their time and even do simple things like schedule holidays. What HR software can also analyse are simple things like employee absenteeism or push critical work to the front of a workflow.

Encourage employees to communicate face to face

One of the issues with email is, it stops people from communicating with one another easily. It’s more simple in a lot of ways to get up out of a chair or to pick up a phone and ask a question or go through a problem to solve. Emails can bog people down and when you have over hundreds to answer on a daily basis this can make matters worse for many of the staff. Encourage your staff to talk face-to-face.

Promote open company culture

Having open door policies is essential to opening out company culture. Being able to communicate freely and allow ideas to grow and build into some solutions for the business is an essential part of creating an open company culture.

Hold daily short meetings (No Longer than 10 minutes!)

One of the ways that you can encourage greater efficiency is by holding shorter meetings. It seems strange but people like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates have been doing this for years. Meetings at a junior or mid-management level need not take all day, the solution can be simple and require only a few minutes if you really want to get down to the nook and cranny of many business issues.

Limit interruptions

Finally, you can set up onscreen software pieces to limit interruptions. From notifications on the phone – which could be switched off during the day or put into a Do Not Disturb Mode – to time management software that blocks web browsing, combined, these solutions can help create a better and more efficient working environment.

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