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The demand for solar systems is rising each day. There can be many reasons for installing a solar system. But the most common reason is protecting the environment by cutting carbon footprints and energy savings. The other great thing about the solar system is that they require minimum maintenance and can last long.  It is important to ensure that the procedure of maintenance is efficient enough to ensure that the panels have a long life. 

To ensure solar panels last long, Vishakha Renewables- a leading Eva sheet manufacturer in India, provide top-notch quality Encapsulant to make the system last longer. There are many factors that contribute to the lifeline of the system. Although solar systems do not die way batteries or other appliances die.

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Manufacturing flaws:

The most obvious reason for solar system degradation is manufacturing flaws. No matter whether it is a solar system or any other system, the process and quality of manufacturing will play a very crucial role in the lifeline of any system.

Manufacturers have to be very sure about the quality of the products. They should not skimp on the quality. In addition, the process must be processed only if manufacturers have profound knowledge about the correct method. While talking about solar systems, there are many parts to be equipped with the utmost attention. Little carelessness will not only degrade the performance but will also reduce its life. Manufacturing flaws are the major cause of solar system failure. Weak soldering joints while manufacturing can lead to accelerated degradation rate. Micro-cracks in the glass layer, when installed or shipped, could harm the panel’s power generation and prevent panel to perform and encourage corrosion.

The choice of Encapsulant

One most important thing contributing to the solar panel lifeline is the quality and type of encapsulant. Encapsulants will decide how fast solar panels will degrade.

Solar encapsulants are a material that offers comprehensive protection to the solar cells to ensure the lifespan of the solar modules. They protect the panels from the harsh environmental conditions and increase panels efficiency and durability.

Solar panels that are designed with the aim of durability will have a better shot at surviving shipping, installation, and harsh weather.

Solar cell degradation in Practical Applications

Once the solar system is installed, we can not do much about increasing the lifeline. However, we can be careful in extending their lifeline. We have to be sure that the panels do not crack any reason nor does it damage any internal sensitive component of the system.

Finally, the conditions in which the solar system operates can extend the life of panels. Panels in exceedingly hot and humid climate conditions will suffer from lower efficiency rates. Similarly, contraction and expansion of the panels will lead to cracks and corrosion. 

Manufacturers will have a better understanding of how to produce panels that lasts longer. They must only incorporate high-quality panels and other materials, to be very careful. Also, users must cooperate with the installation team, listen to all the instructions provided by them or else chances of degrading in performance will be high.

Look for the manufacturers who make the highest quality Eva sheet for solar cells encapsulation as they are highly responsive for elevating the life of solar panels, protect the cells, and increase efficiency. Solar system and panels come with the manufacturer’s warranties and performance guarantees, try to only install the system with warranty and guarantee. It is evidence that established panels manufacturers are confident in their quality manufacturing process and materials. Vishakha Renewables is one of a premium brand providing the highest quality EVA Encapsulant with warranty and guarantee. 

In a nutshell, if you are thinking to go for solar there is no reason to wait. Solar is an investment!

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