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Getting your car painted brings a lot of satisfaction. Not only it makes your vehicle look brand new, but it also increases the durability of its exteriors. However, getting the car painted requires time and money. Thus, it is necessary to take some time to know what the painting process takes. It will help you know whether you should repaint the vehicle or get some of the parts painted.

So, if you intend to get your car painted, here is everything you need to know-

Know If Your Car Is Worth Painting

There is no denying that so many vehicles aren’t worth the cost of painting. So, before you make the decision, it’s wise to check on the value of your car. If the paint will cost you as much as 25% of the car’s value, better skip it, and continue driving.

However, if you are among the enthusiasts who enjoy getting their auto parts painted in contrast colors, there is an alternative. You can order the painted auto part for your car from a professional company in the auto body niche. Select the make, year, and model, and select the part you want to get painted, such as rims, hoods, bumpers, spoilers, etc.

Painting A Car Requires Time

The first thing to consider if you want to get your car painted is that it takes time. Several car paint shops boast a turnaround period of 2-3 days. So, you may require to leave your car in the shop for at least a week. But why is it so?

Well, new paint can’t be applied to old paint. Oxidation, fading, irregular surface, scratches, etc. at the existing paint don’t allow for smooth application. It is necessary to remove the existing layers of paint and prepare the car for a new coat. If your car needs extensive repair work or preparation, it will further increase the time and cost.

Car’s Interiors Need To Be Removed During Painting

Many of the people aren’t aware that the car painters need to remove everything from the car’s interiors, including console, dash, and seats. This is done to protect these items from getting damaged while painting. Moreover, if they aren’t removed beforehand, they may inhibit some steps involved in the painting process. Thus, as a car owner, remove all the belongings from your vehicle before you bring it to the paint shop.

Preparation For The Car Paint

What makes a good prep before car painting? Well, some lower-end paint shops will just put paper and tape over all the parts of your car that don’t get painted. However, as mentioned above, a good car painter removes all the interiors so that there is no possibility of a noticeable line between the painted and unpainted parts. Besides, a professional car paint shop undertakes sanding to smooth the car’s body underneath. Thus, make sure to ask the painter about their prep level.

Consider The Types Of Paint

Get clear on what type of paint job you want. There are so many options of color, quality, prep level, and the best automotive paint brands to choose from. Here, one thing you need to remember is that you get what you pay for. If one shop is asking for $2,000 and the other wants only $800, you are going to get half the job done from a cheaper shop. Not to mention, you may find some deals on auto painting. However, for most, you’ll get a subpar paint finish at a cheaper rate. So, don’t compromise quality for saving a few bucks.

New Paint Doesn’t Fix Everything

Have realistic expectations with paint repair. If you want to paint the car to hide any damage, a new coat of shiny paint will only highlight the problem area. The damages can include dents, scratches, holes, rust spots, gouges, etc. This is why the auto painter removes the old paint and fix the damages first.

Pay A Professional Or DIY

Now that you know almost everything you need to consider before taking your car to a paint shop, it’s time to decide should you do-it-yourself or pay a pro. If you can handle the job and know the basics of painting, you can DIY. Else, it’s better to search for a professional car paint shop to get the job done. Browse a bit about painting or priming your car, and then decide for yourself.

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