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If the centimeter and inch are not the same, especially have different values, what is the exact difference between them? To know it, you need is to convert inch to cm and inversly. If we are going to check the difference between centimeter and inch, let’s work on centimeters only. One centimeter is just 1 cm, there is nothing to do here. When it comes to an inch, the value is 2.54 centimeter long now. So to see the difference, subtract 2.54 from 1 cm. So it is -1.54. So to sum up: 1 centimeter is 1.54 smaller than 1 inch!

Many people are wondering if the centimeter and inch are the same units and convert from inch to cm don’t have sense. After reading this part the answer should be obvious. The first thing which is common in them is that they are length units. The second is both of them are small units. But there is the end of common points of the centimeter and inch. The cm and inch belong to other units systems. They are also used in different parts of the world. And there is more. They have totally different values too. Different values are the most important difference, no doubt.

An inch and a centimeter can be described as different units at first sight. But is it right? Of course, they have elements which are different, like the value. But does that mean that they have nothing in common? First, see that all these units are units of length. So it is the same category of units. Both centimeters and inches are also small units. The centimeters and inches are the base of small units in particular parts of the world. There is no possibility to say that the centimeter and inch have nothing in common.

Objects in your body that are 1 centimeter long

Your body hides some examples of objects with 1 centimeter. Sure, things as small as 1 cm long are not popular, but it is possible to see them. First, pay attention to your height. Why?. In the morning, you are probably about 1 centimeter taller than in the evening! What is another human body part which hides an example of 1 centimeter? Look at your stomach. The diameter of the belly button is about 1 cm. Check it on yourself. And the last example of 1 cm long is your nails. Sure, you have read it properly! Do you know that their width is also about 1 centimeter?

What is actually inch?

What about an inch? Sure, an inch is the length unit, but it is a little piece of information. The inch is used in two different units systems. First is the Imperial system of measurement, also called the British one. Second is the United States customary system of measurement. The inch is a little less known worldwide than the centimeter. It is because the inch is used mostly in 2 countries – the United Kingdom and the United States. Both these countries have not adopted the metric system. The inch is defined as 1/36 of a yard.

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