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Tampons have become a very popular menstrual product among the new generation mostly because of their ease of wearing as compared to pads. Tampons are inserted into the vaginal, which makes them invisible, and easy to use. Tampons are also a good choice for swimmers. These are not reusable, which makes them hygienically safe. Sirona’s tampons are easy to use and good for the environment too. Tampons are made with a compressed fiber that is highly absorbent that makes it easy to insert into the vagina during menstruation. Most of the ladies and girls don’t even know what a tampon is? And how to use it?

Like the other things, vulginal Tampons also have some risk factors. There are certain things about using tampons that every girl and lady must have knowledge about.

Here is the list of things every girl and lady must know before switching to tampons.

1. Start From The Lowest Absorbency Tampon

It is very convenient to use high absorbency tampons because they absorb very fast and are more convenient in heavy periods. But we suggest you start with a low absorbance tampon so that in the beginning you can change your tampon frequently. By this you will reduce the Toxic Shock Syndrome. But if you choose a high absorbance tampon then you will not be going to change it frequently. So go ahead and start with the lowest absorbency tampon.

2. Change Your Tampon At The Interval Of 4-6 Hours

It is written on the box clearly that you don’t have to wear a tampon for more than eight hours otherwise you may have the risk of getting an infection. Try to change the tampon every 4 – 6 hours to avoid any discomfort. This is the major reason to go with the lowest absorbency tampons. Periods are painful in their own way. Don’t increase further pain by putting them under your pussy. To avoid the inconvenience of periods, you can buy the best tampons from the market or online and can feel relaxed during periods also.

3. Don’t Use Tampon While Sleeping

We have discussed before that if we use a tampon for more than 6 hours we will get the risk of getting an infection. It is also written on the box that you can use the tampon for a maximum of 8 hours. So, it will be risky to leave the tampon overnight. You might get a varginal infection that can increase the risk of TSS. If you are using the tampon at night then place it into the vagina just before going to bed and take it out as soon as you wake up in the morning or if you are having heavy blood flow then you can change the tampon in the midnight also to have a stain free and comfortable sleep. We will advise you to wear a pad at night.

4. Always Wash Your Hands

It is well known that hygiene is very necessary in everything so do here also. It is very important to wash your hands before inserting and pulling out the tampons. You really have to follow hand hygiene. By doing this, you will decrease the risk of developing infection. Even if you have not touched anything even then you also have to wash your hands before removing or inserting varginal tampons.

5. Never Use A Tampon Just For Discharge

Tampons are not used for white discharge from the vagina or for just the vaginal excretion. It doesn’t work properly without adequate moisture. It works properly during your periods and also it is not advised to use tampons in very low flow. If you are having heavy white discharge for a long time then consult your gynecologist and get a good treatment. You can also try home remedies for that. But don’t use tampons for it. Varginal tampons are usually used during heavy flow. If you still feel discomfort and pain like unusual discharge while inserting tampons into the vargina or you are feeling any discomfort and itching, immediately stop using tampons and consult your doctor.

6. Avoid Using Tampons Just After Delivery

As I myself am a mother of two sons and I personally went through unbearable pain after giving birth. It is very painful to push a little one out of your vagina. Vaginal pain lasts for months after delivery. So if you are planning to use the best tampons after delivery then I must advise you to drop your plan because your immune system is very weak right after giving birth to a baby. Always prefer to use pads for a few months after delivery and change your pad within 4 to 5 hours of interval.

7. If Feeling Irritation, Avoid Using Unscented Tampons

The FDA has not done quite a good job in regulating what actually goes in the tampons we almost use in every period. So, we can say that we actually don’t have the knowledge of varginal tampons. We don’t know if the cotton we are putting into our vaginals is safe or not. Is it full of harsh chemicals, or pesticides? We can feel discomfort while using tampons as our vaginas have sensitive skin that can feel discomfort and can have a pH imbalance. If you have sensitive skin and you don’t use any scented body wash on your vagina then you must also avoid using tampons.

8. Have Knowledge Of TSS

If you are using tampons then you should have good knowledge about the risks of TSS and its symptoms. You can have sudden high fever, vomiting, diarrhea in some cases, fainting problems, dizziness, or you can have a heavy itching problem. If you too have any of these problems during your periods then immediately consult your gynecologist. Avoid using tampons if you are going through any of the above given symptoms and immediately seek good meditation.

After having the knowledge if you are still thinking of switching to organic tampons then it’s definitely worth it. Because it will reduce the risk of getting an infection. But if you have a sensitive downside then avoid using tampons. It would be best to choose organic tampons that can be even more smooth and kind to both your vagina and to your surroundings also.

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