Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Cost is an always-present obstacle for marketers. It’s this roadblock that stops many small businesses from investing in online advertising through Google Ads. If that sounds like a familiar situation, imagine having free money to spend on the Google Ads platform.

If you are new to Google Ads, you may have heard whispers of a promotional code that earns you free advertising dollars. Naturally, you may question the legitimacy of these offers and what sort of process is involved in acquiring such a deal.

This discussion will answer these questions and many more, like where you can get a Google Ads promotional code today.

What Is A Google Ads Promo Code?

Google understands that advertising online is both expensive and challenging for beginners. They designed these promotional codes to give some financial assistance to new Google Ads accounts that are still learning the ropes of PPC marketing.

How much “financial assistance?” Google Ads promotional codes offer anywhere from $50 to $150 of “free” Google Ads dollars to new account owners. How much a user receives depends on the offer itself.

Where Can You Find A Google Ads Promotional Code?

The best place to find a Google Ads promotional code is directly from Google itself. There is always some form of this promotional offer available to new accounts. Currently, Google will match dollar-for-dollar your investment into online advertising, with a maximum value of $150.

Thus, if you spend $150 on PPC marketing through Google Ads, Google will credit $150 more to your account for your next round of ad campaigns!

You can also find offers through certain website hosting service providers. While these offers provide more value for less investment, they are reserved for premium members of these services. You may want to check with your website hosting service and see if you qualify for any offers before seeing what Google offers.

How To Redeem A Google Ads Promotional Code

No matter what source you receive your code from, the process to redeem your promotional offer is the same. First, you must have an existing Google Ads account. From the main Google Ads dashboard, find your account homepage and enter the “Billing” menu. 

On the billing menu is an option to redeem a Google Ads promotional code. Google will immediately let you know if the code is valid and will apply the offer to your site. Once you meet the specific requirements for the offer, then you will receive the free Google Ads dollars to your account.

Google Ads Promotional Code Requirements

Despite all this talk of free money on Google Ads, there are some strict guidelines that dictate what a marketer needs to do to receive their promotional value. In other words, Google ads promo code aren’t like a gift card, where once you enter the code number you instantly unlock the value in credit.

Instead, these offers come with certain stipulations and requirements before Google will credit your account with the advertised amount. The first requirement is that, as mentioned, these offers are meant for only new Google Ads account owners. If your account was created 4+ months ago, you may not qualify for any type of promotion.

Second, receiving the credit to your account requires that you spend a certain amount. Google’s current offer is a dollar-for-dollar match, which means you have to spend $100 and then you receive $100 in credit. Other common offers are to spend $25 on Google Ads and receive $75. This spending has to occur after your code has been entered.

It’s also important to know that the credit from these offers cannot be applied to past balances. You can’t spend $100, receive $100 and pay off your account. The credit can only be used for future advertising efforts.

In short, if you want to unlock free Google Ads money, then you need to spend some of your own dollars first.


While it may not be free money in the traditional sense, A Google Ads promotional code does help increase your initial investment into PPC marketing. This means you can test more keywords and get a deeper understanding of how to reach audiences via search and display ads.

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