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What is a Quantity Surveyor in construction?

Answer of this question underlies their duties such as estimating costs and quantities, submit analyzed information to the client in basis to project timelines to go the user end of the project without being overlooking. Furthermore, Quantity Surveyor does different things on project field to make sure feasible move at the end of client project. If we divided into several stages of a Robinson Marine Construction Surveying responceability in construction at the very first he/she made concept design plans by taking help of budgetary pricing and liaising with clients to identify their demand in comparison of predicting potential risk and forecasting the cost of difference for material which will be needed to complete the project.

At the very last of this stage he discussed this report with end-users QS. If the plan and material estimation to the point quantity surveyor adelaide be ready to move to the next level.

The second stage started with completing detailed design by the appointed architects and engineers. And the Quantity Surveyor explain the designed with original budget and refine to use this for the project. 

After probing by the contractor and subcontractor the design and quantities get ready to market pricing while the end-users QS did all the step send out to collecting outline details.

To complete the initial budget without any complexity Quantity Surveyor reviews thoroughly and make sure that this fits client needs, contractor and subcontractor require and architects and engineers made designs.

In come cases this initial budget won’t fit the final outline while QS being responsibility and refine the design  with architects and engineers and works with the end user made budget for expected costing analysis.

Instantly when the construction bidet is finalized, the entire team is ready to begin the construction.Within this time Quantity Surveyor reexamined build cost track status with the original budget cost. If there are distinct QS might exceed the budget the quantity which also informed the end users to make balance again. 

We have already told you that forecasting the cost for the future and having enough confident  to explain any budget to the end user is a most important work of Quantity Surveyor to complete the project without any commercial risk and ensure that client get value for their money.

As an adviser on the maintaining on specific project informing these forecasting cost analysis to the end user is an important step  in this stage to make aware of them in case they need to secure any further finance support to complete the project budget accordingly.

Whether they found some issues from any delay or unexpected circumstance in the period of the project continuity, Quantity Surveyor will need to take into consideration the changes which can affect the budget distributed before for this project settled.

Several times we said that duties of the Quantity Surveyor is more than listed to end the project. Mostly the job involves analyzing terms and condition in the contact to take note of any disagreement that might arise between participating parties resolved smoothly and quickly as much as possible to keep the business environment favorable in any situation.

Finally, QS  have reached the very end of the project where  a Quantity Surveyor have several important roles to play such as- close off all the contracts, produce a final account of the project and put together all information which can be required for the end user. 

Throughout these stages of project you must be introduced with a Quantity Surveyor and their responsibilities particularly in a construction field.

In a construction project a Quantity Surveyor work at lest three different parties.And the parties are:

  • The end-user or client
  • The builder or contractor who is completing the work 
  • A subcontractor who is building part of the work for the builder or contractor 
  • Though  a Quantity Surveyor performed multiple role at once, each of this role have its benefit and disadvantages.If you are interested to read out them visit in another blog on the roles and responsibilities of a quantity surveyor to learn properly.


Construction is a dynamic industry that requires many different professionals to get the job done. Quantity Surveyors are responsible for estimating and analyzing costs in order to bring projects in on budget.

They can work with contractors, architects, engineers, owners or other stakeholders to make sure every project comes back within projected estimates. 

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