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Pool Cleaning in Georgia?

Is vacuuming and scrubbing your pool not cleaning it thoroughly? Stains are left here and there? Is the pool looking extremely dull? In such a scenario pool companies in Georgia recommends an acid wash. Before going for a DIY let’s read through this article as the acid can be extremely harmful. But most importantly what is acid pool cleaning in Georgia? Let’s have a look

Acid pool cleaning in Georgia– What is it?

Acid wash is no regular pool cleaning. Whenever the word acid is introduced it means big guns are involved. As acid can be dangerous for you and damaging to the pool as well. Thus, extreme caution is required.

Acid wash helps remove a thin layer of plaster, with which all the chlorine stains, Algae dullness, and dirt is removed, leaving behind a neat clean pool with tiles close to brand new.

Are you worried that acid wash will damage the pool? Well,

  •  firstly acid wash needs to be handled by experts at pool cleaning companies in Georgia. 
  • Secondly, there is a half inch of thick plaster applied. So while acid wash only a thin film is removed leaving the rest of the plaster unscratched.
  •  Lastly, acid wash is not suitable for every pool. As there are various types of pools available in the market. Let’s have a look at what kind of pools can be acid washed.
  • In Georgia, pool cleaning companies use acid wash for in-ground concrete or gunite pools. Vinyl pools or above-the-ground pools will not be able to stand acid wash. The acid will eat up the vinyl leaving cracks and holes.

When to Acid wash a pool?

Acid is not something that everyone can play with. So, it is always recommended to call cleaning professionals from pool companies in Georgia. But when?

Well, no matter how clean and well-maintained your pool is, it will lose its shine and sparkle after a couple of years. Acid wash comes into play at that time. Apart from that if you have Algae, Stagnation, and repairs then opt for an acid wash. Let’s have a look.

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  • Algae

Algae leave green-colored stains. No matter how much you brush, the grout gets green leaving traces of algae behind. This leads to recurring algae blooms. It is recommended to try other methods for cleaning the pool before opting for an acid wash. Use Acid wash as the last resort, especially for algae stains.

  • Stagnation

If you forgot to winterize your pool, or in some cases, the water remained stagnant in the pool for a while then only acid wash can bring it back to life. As stagnant pools can be home to algae, bacteria, molds, and much more. So, to get rid of that it is best to opt for an acid wash.

  • Bring the sparkle back

After using the pool for years, you feel the pool has lost its sparkle and charm due to all the chemicals being used. The faded pool tiles act as a sore on the eyes. Instead of redoing the pool, one can save costs and money by choosing an acid wash. It will eat away at the top layer making the pool brand new.

How often should we acid wash the pool?

If done by professionals it is considered a safe treatment that eats only the top most layer, still, it is not recommended to do often. Companies for pool cleaning in Georgia advise to acid wash pools after every five years or so.

Acid wash process

By following the below-mentioned steps you can easily clean your pool

  • Drain and clean the pool by following the instructions.
  • Replace the valves, you removed earlier while cleaning the pool.
  • In a watering can or a container dilute the acid mixture, keeping the 1:1 ratio in mind.
  • Prepare the garden hoses, as a lot of water will be required.
  • While working in sections, acid wash your pool.
  • Neutralize the acid water with soda ash.
  • Pump out the waste water
  • Wash the pool again
  • Refill the pool

Have you not hired a pro?

With the right guidance, one can DIY(Do it yourself) acid wash a pool. If you want to save time and money it is best to hire pool companies in Georgia that specialize in cleaning services like Pool Cleaning Georgia. They will clean your pool for you without being a burden on your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you swim in the pool after an acid wash?

Ans: Pool cleaning companies recommend waiting for up to two hours after an acid wash. People who immediately go for a swim after an acid wash often end up having acid burns.

Q: Does acid wash change pool color?

Ans: Experts at pool cleaning companies know how to maintain the color of your pool but on the contrary, if you are doing a DIY then one cannot guarantee the color or the damages that can occur.

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