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Spectacular! Sure, I had heard this from so many people. And even though I had been to Dubai a couple of times before, somehow, I wasn’t able to try Desert Safari. Not once. So, this time, I finally did and it was such a great experience that I cannot wait to do it again!

Let me walk you through my desert safari experience:

If you have never been to one, you are MISSING OUT. It is one of the most exhilarating and fun ways to explore and experience the desert in its glory. There are different activities, you get to taste the local cuisine and experience the Bedouin culture and lifestyle up close. To be honest, I had no idea when the car came to pick us up, me and a couple of my friends had planned to try it out, we were in for a surprise as the desert safari turned out to be a lot more than what we had expected.

What Is Desert Safari, Really?

Well, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the UAE. You ride in a 4×4 through the dunes. A bumpy ride for sure! You can enjoy a camel ride, sand boarding, henna, and sheesha as well. You can book your package online. Multiple companies are operating from where you can book your desert safari.

So, we were picked up around 3:30 as the Omani or Saudi Border happens to be at a 1-hour drive.  We drove through Sharjah and took a route out to Al-Madam. There were other groups at meeting points as well. At the Al-Madam Meeting Point, there are tourist shops and quad bikes. There are a few stalls where you can buy refreshments and stations.

You would find a lot of hustle and bustle here. There are many refreshment stalls there as well. You can buy water, crisps, ice cream, and even coconut. But you should know that they will be a bit expensive.

Also, you would see people walking around with falcons you can take pictures with. You can check if your desert safari show has a falcon demonstration included. At the Al-Madam meeting point, you will also come across camels lounging lazily on the grass. They are friendly though. They are okay to take pictures with. However, do not try to ride them as they have no saddle

An Action Packed Adventure

Dune bashing was certainly the highlight of the entire safari. You get to drive up and down sand dunes at quite a high speed. Along with that, you can also enjoy the glorious views of the sprawling desert.  It was quite an adventure. The driver was an expert. However, I would not recommend it to the elderly or heart patients.

Then we drove through the base camp. All of them are situated more or less in the same place. We noticed there were many around the area. I did not like the camel ride much. Almost had a heart attack when the camel unfolded his legs. The animals and the owners both were very friendly and bonded. It was a sight to see him talking to his camels so lovingly.

The Desert Camps

The desert camp is this big square with buildings surrounding it from all sides. There was a henna station and a place to smoke sheesha towards the left side of the entrance. Right in the middle of the square, there is a concrete stage where the dance performances take place with numerous seats and tables arranged around the stage. There is also a tent set up for tourists where tourists dress up traditionally. There was a BBQ dinner included in the price of desert safari as well. The buffet had a nice spread of pasta, salad, noodles, and a variety of curries. The highlight was biryani! Loved it! Also, there was a BBQ station as well.

Everything Tasted Great!

You can enjoy dinner and along with a safari show that has belly dancing. The dance was exotic, to say the least. There was a Tanura dance too, that was interesting as well. There was a time when all lights went out and it was the lights on the dancer’s skirt that shone.

Honestly, when the day ended, it seemed quite abrupt. We had thought to spend some more time there but an announcement was made that our drivers were waiting to take us back. So, we had a great day. It was fun and good value for money! So whoever plans to visit Dubai, this should not be missed. Offers for desert safari Abu Dhabi deals are also available. So, if you have already enjoyed Dubai desert safari, you can opt for the Abu Dhabi one for a different experience.

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