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As a self-financing health insurance and social security system, Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) offers a wide range of benefits to employees and their families, including medical care, sickness benefits and maternity benefits.

There was a time when India’s economy was significantly reliant on foreign commodities and services. Globally, either developed or developing countries provide these hospital empanelment commodities and services. Because India is a self-sufficient country, it began strengthening the working class sector in order to ensure that manufacturing and labour jobs would remain in the nation.

What is ESI Act 1948?

Employees’ State Insurance is a social security programme designed to provide medical treatment and other benefits to employees and workers employed in factories, organisations, and other facilities in India. Worker / employee and their family members are covered by the ESI plan. Medical care is provided in state-of-the-art hospitals, specialty centres, dispensaries and clinics for individuals who qualify under the ESI Act. Workers and employees will also receive money advantages in addition to medical benefits.

The Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) provides its wide range of benefits only to employees who meet specified qualifications. The ESI plan can be used by anyone who,

  • Works in a non seasonal factory with 11 or more employees. This scheme comes under Section 2 (12) act.
  • The earning of the employee must be less than 21000 INR per month to be eligible for ESI scheme.

In addition to hotels, stores, cinemas and previews, restaurants, newspaper facilities, and road-motor-transport activities, this programme has been expanded. In addition, this programme has been extended to private educational and medical establishments with at least ten employees. Certain states and territories are exempt.

What is the procedure for the ESI registration?

Here are the points and steps to be followed by a company which wants to get the benefits of the ESI scheme:

  • The company first need to fill and submit the form-1 which is Employer’s Registration Form, in order to apply for ESI registration.
  • The employees are also allowed to get the form-1 which is available on the website in PDF format and then can fill and submit to the official ESI BPA login
  • The organisation will receive a 17-digit registration number after the application and documentation have been confirmed. ESI filings can be made once the company or organisation has obtained their 17-digit number.
  • Following the completion and submission of an application form together with a photograph and family information, employees who are registered under the scheme will obtain an ESI card.
  • Any amendments such as joining of the new employees will have to be informed to the ESI.

There are a lot of cash benefits available to ESI scheme eligible persons in times of physical distress due to sickness or temporary/permanent disablement resulting in loss of earning capacity, confinement for insured women, and dependants of insured persons who die in industrial accidents as well as death benefits for insured persons who die as a result of an industrial accident.

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