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Targeted Cancer Therapy

Targeted Therapy basically consists of medications which target certain parts of cancer causing cells like genes or proteins which are responsible for the growth and spread of cancers. They may also target various types of cells which play a vital role in the same way. Targeted cancer therapy in Delhi works better for certain types of cancer as compared to other treatment options. 

It has been approved for 15 different types of cancer by the FDA, including prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer. But your tumor must have the right target for this therapy to work. If cancer makes it and the target changes, it may not work. 

Who can get Targeted Cancer Therapy?

There are certain types of cancers which have the same target as treatment. The specialist may recommend testing your tumor to find out its targets. A biopsy may also be done in which a small tumor sample is taken for lab testing. Even though two people have the same type of cancer, the target might be different. For example, medicines for targeted colon cancer will not work with KRAS gene mutation. There are other treatments available to try before targeted therapy is suggested. 

Types of Targeted Cancer Therapies 

Monoclonal antibodies and molecule medications are two main targeted cancer therapies. Little molecule medications are so small that they can slip within the cancer cells to kill them. They usually block the signals sent by the cancers to grow tumor cells. Monoclonal antibodies cannot enter into cells as they are too large. They simply hit the targets around or out of the cells. They often focus radiation and chemo directly to the tumors. Usually, they are provided through IV at a clinic or hospital or even as a shot. There are different monoclonal antibodies and molecule medicines available to treat cancer with various targets. 

The cost of treatment varies as per the process through which medicines are given, type of medicines, location, and duration of your treatment. For example, you might end up paying more pills as compared to treatments in a clinic or hospital. 

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