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When most people think of being a nurse, the very first picture that comes into their mind might be a nurse in her scrubs taking blood or blood pressure from a patient. While some nurses find it okay to be working in a busy hospital environment, some may find it working in a hospital environment is too rigorous. Each and everyone’s interests and priorities can be different, so do their career interests. While some might enjoy the hospital setting, others would prefer to help patients in a different atmosphere. 

Whether you are a newly graduated nurse or an experienced nurse looking for a non-clinical healthcare facility, there are plenty of options to apply. While you may want to be a part of a non-clinical healthcare facility, there are some things you should consider before you decide.

  • Salaries may vary based on the type of job, location, and experience. You’ll find job roles or locations you are interested in working but also keep in mind the salary criteria.
  • Some jobs may require you to get an additional certificate. Sure, you can get that job, but also look for their qualification criteria. Some may require you to have an LPN-RN degree or RN-BSN degree or other advanced nursing degrees along with relevant experience in the field.
  • Sometimes or most often new nurses may have to start in a hospital position that allows the interaction with a variety of patients. Nursing is one of the fields that require experience and strong ground knowledge of your profession.

There are a variety of non-clinical options you might want to pursue as a nurse that goes beyond the hospital. Here are some of them:

Disney Nurse

Some of you may not have heard this term before. So as you may have a lot of questions in your mind – Is this even a real nursing job? Should I have to wear a costume? What experiences should I have to become a Disney nurse? These might be the least questions that came up to your mind when they first heard about being a Disney nurse! The job might sound fun and all, but it demands a serious work ethic and standard nursing skills to excel. Because Disney is a place where you have to be all alert because there will be a lot of people and you wouldn’t know what to do based on their medical history.

But usually, the nursing staff assists the physician and medical practitioners appointed by the firm. Your duties will mostly ensure the quality of health, offering patient-care for guests or staff of the resort, and attending to medical emergencies. The only problem you must be facing is working on holidays as it will be the busiest day of the year. However, you can also look forward to working with Disney characters and additional bonuses.

Cruise Ship Nurse

Traveling around the world while working seems like a good opportunity. And it doesn’t mean you have to face all the challenges in your field. That’s what you will be loving working as a cruise ship nurse. You might have to assist a disabled person or you’ll find plenty of passengers that are prone to get seasick. Keeping this in mind, for the safety of their passenger’s many cruise ships or yachts has a medical facility on board.

As a nurse, you’ll have to provide quality patient care while guests and staff are treated for both minor health issues and emergencies. Quick thinking and actionable healthcare are in need because most of the time, you will have to deal with medical emergencies with a limited number of facilities. But, the vessel should already be stocked with necessary supplies and proper medical wards with the required equipment. And the shortage of staff may require you to perform additional working hours. There will be a contract for 6 to 12 months, if you’re not yet ready for a long journey, you can start with a yacht.

Flight Nurse

Flight nursing takes your career to great heights as you reach critical care patients via or in a helicopter or a flight. In most cases, you’ll have to offer immediate medical care and attention at the site – just like being a cruise ship nurse. Typically, the patients might be going through serious health conditions that require them to be flown to another hospital for immediate treatment or transported from one hospital to another via an aircraft.

Most of the time you will be paired with paramedics. Being a flight nurse takes extensive training, proper ground knowledge in the field, teamwork, patience, and courage to work in these time-sensitive emergency situations. Even with a bachelor’s degree, you’re not likely to be hired as a flight nurse until you gain some relevant experience in the field. As you’ll be dealing with emergency care most employers will prefer experience in a trauma setting such as the emergency room or intensive care unit.

Nurse Educator

Many nurses will prefer to stay in the classroom helping new students, instead of working out in the healthcare field. They are involved in developing lesson plans and training courses for nursing programs. Most of your work will be training registered nurses (RN) and licensed practical nurses (LPN) for practice. Nurse educators ensure that new nurses are aware of the standard procedures and modern healthcare settings in their field. It is important that you should have strong organization and planning skills. You should be a qualified RN with at least 5 years of experience in the field of nursing.

Camp Nurse

Camp nurse is a perfect opportunity for those who are tired and want to take a break from the indoor settings of a hospital environment. You can take all breaks as a camp nurse. The role requires you to treat and care for campers on the site. The campers might come to the clinic for minor health issues like first-aid, upset stomach, allergies, and other health concerns. You will be the person to determine whether they need particular hospital care during emergencies. But overall, being a camp nurse is strictly a seasonal job. As it is a seasonal job being a camp nurse is easy because most of the time it may not require you to have any additional experiences.

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