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If you have recently bought a dirt bike and plan to store it at home, in the yard, on the terrace, or in the garage, then this article may interest you. The dirt bike stand is a practical device that will give us many advantages, such as optimizing space, avoiding possible falls, or unwanted stains on the wall.

In the market, you can find them of various types, those that are installed on the wall, others that are installed on the ceiling, and those of easel type for repairs. Depending on your needs and your space, you can opt for one model or another. Here we will review one of the best dirt bike stands, which are value for money product, but if you want to read a detailed review on best dirt bike stands, then visit .

Pit Posse Dirt Bike Scissor Stand

If you are looking for value for money dirt bike stand, this may be the best option for you. With the help of this stand, we easily up to our bike to a suitable working height. It works for all types of dirt bikes perfectly. The maximum lifting capacity of this stand is 136 Kilograms/ 300 Pounds.

It comes with a two-year warranty, which means we can replace this stand if it does not work properly. Its lowest collapsed height is 330MM & the highest collapsed height is 914MM. It also weighs less than other stands, which is approx 29 Kilograms/63.8 Pounds.

Buying Guide: How to buy best dirt Bike Stand


Before you have your stands for dirt bikes, you should know that there are two types, as you have seen. Some are anchored to the wall, and there are those that do it on the floor. Generally, those that are made of the floor usually also serve for the wall, so this has to be your option if you doubt where to place it. If, on the other hand, you are clear that you want it on the wall, I recommend one that can only be hung on the wall since its fastening system is safer.


You must also take into account its capacity. That is, how many bikes you can hang or place. You have individual supports available, so you can acquire them on the fly as you need them, but there are also supports for several bikes. In my opinion, this second option is ideal if you know that you are going to need to store more than one bike because it is tidier without having to do a lot of installation.


The design is something fundamental, and not only because of the appearance that the bike stands may have, but because many time it determines the attachment or the ease when taking out your bikes. There are simpler and more complex designs, the latter being the best if you want more support.


As for the materials, all are made of metal, with stainless steel being the most common. Even so, and depending on the type of support, some of its parts may have additional materials to avoid damaging bicycles such as plastic, foam, or rubber. Although these extra materials go very well to take care of your bikes, depending on the support that is not always necessary, because the bicycles will fit without problems of being damaged.

These are a few points that you must consider before buying any dirt bike stands because these are also very important for our bike fitness. If you like this post then, also share with you biker friends or those friends who are planning for new dirt bike stands.

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