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What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

For a successful website, a host is equally important as a domain. The web hosting companies give space on rent to the website owner on their server. In this way, true communication is built between the website browser and the website owner.  Based on monthly charges and internet space, the services are classified in many ways. To understand this particular hosting service, it is important to put light on three distinct hosting services and compare them.

  • Shared WordPress Hosting: It is a low-cost option. The freshers often choose this option when they start the business with a small initial investment.
  • DIY VPS WordPress Hosting: It is chosen by the people who are at the intermediate level. They have gained enough experience in WordPress.It is suitable for a small startup business subjected to future growth.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting: It is a good investment option for large companies. A medium-sized business that is getting a good amount of traffic, expects to grow in size within a short time. Though it is a costly option but offers great service.

Why should one choose managed WordPress hosting?

It is always important to study the basic reasons for investing in any particular hosting service. From a monetary point of view, the user may first start with the DIY method. Once the volume of traffic increases, the business will tend to grow more. Now he/she is bound to shift to managed hosting.

If the owner of the website is quite sure about the growth of the business, he/she may choose managed hosting. Now there are many advantages for going with managed hosting and not others.

  1. Superior Support Provision: This is the prime reason. Managed WordPress Hosting is best supported on the WordPress platform. A managed hosting service is assigned to one particular CMS. Hence the IT department is most experienced in this zone. While running the business, the owner will get to resolve most of his queries regarding WordPress utilization.
  2. High-quality security provision: In the world of hacking and fraud, it is quite challenging to run a business online. A managed WordPress can detect and remove any spotted malware or spyware. They offer backups at night so that the entire day’s work is not lost due to an accident. The host will provide sufficient optimization of the server so that WordPress is secured.
  1. Smooth website management: The managed WordPress host will itself keep track of WordPress and PHP updates just like the owner of the website. The attractive user interface makes it innovative. In other words, the website can be organized well when the owner has to tackle multiple sites of clients.
  1. Accessing common developer tools: WordPress host handles SFTP access and manages the database. It is even designed to flush out the cache. Hence the user is benefitted by the provision of a large variety of developer tools.
  1. Quick access to SSL certificates: WordPress hosting provides free SSL certificates to the business owners by following a few basic steps. Normally the installation is complicated and requires huge communication with the server provider.
  1. A nice staging environment: A staging site is an additional feature when it comes to WordPress hosting. A staging site is one form of experimenting platform for work. It offers to make a trial and error approach for website development before the final launch. In this way, the website developers are getting an edge in the competitive world with WordPress hosting India service.
  2. Fast and secure server: It is important for the good performance of the website. A managed host offers valuable services apart from providing a dedicated server. It interacts with educational resources and provides a large variety of workflow tools. This in-built feature makes WordPress hosting service better than others.
  1. No requirement of plugins: A small number of multi-tasking plugins is better than installing plugins each specialized with one function. For the WordPress platform, it is alone sufficient to handle backup, cache, security and performance function.
  2. Putting the entire focus on hosting: The owner of the website should work more on the development of the website. But hosting is such a serious issue that needs enough dedication. Despite the higher cost, the entire team is taking the responsibility of the hosting department. Now the owner may relax and focus more on internal team management and client handling.

In this way Managed WordPress hosting is a great option for both the experienced and fresher website owners. If the investment point of view is ignored for a second, there are no major disadvantages with this hosting service. For a website, growth is the most crucial factor. In some cases, managed hosting proves to be a clear winner in comparison to shared hosting also.

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