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Keeping a pet is very common in the American household and people love keeping pets. But it is very important for a person who wishes to keep a pet, to have complete knowledge, Basic understanding about pet keeping and how to take proper care is necessary. It might be a difficult task especially for those who have no experience in keeping a pet. 

In this, if you have not experienced it yet, keeping a Rodent as a pet will be helpful. The reason why Rodent is an easy pet is that it a small pet and taking care of it as compared to cats or dogs is easier. Also, taming a rodent is quite easier and it takes less effort. Fewer responsibilities make the Rodent a perfect pet to have at home.

However, there are different types of Rodents you can adopt as a pet for your home. Some of the best pet Rodent to have at home are as follows: 


  • Chinchilla is Your Perfect Pet


Chinchillas are one of the best pet Rodents to have at your home. Chinchillas are similar to the Rabbits and have a furry texture on Skin. The soft fur makes Chinchillas more attractive and they are the quietest pets. It is also good o keep a chinchilla as a pet because they are more clean, quiet, odorless, and beautiful rodents.

Keeping a pet means you also need to have its own house to live in and to be comfortable. So, for your new member, you just need to get a tall chinchilla cage, which makes him feel comfortable and relax. The cage is the house of your rodent, so find the most comfortable one for your pet. 

Make sure your rodent is secure, comfortable, and chilling in his house. A tall cage will help you set it properly and make it as comfortable. 


  • Gerbils 


Gerbils are also one the best pets to keep as they are the perfect social animals and easy to take care of. As the Gerbils are the smallest pets and taking care is easier, so the majority of the people keep it as their first pet. It is because keeping it as a pet helps them get a better experience of how everything works.

They learn and get a proper idea about taking care of a pet perfectly. They learn to take responsibility for a pet. On the other hand, Gerbils is a quiet, cute, and calm pet to keep in your house. It is always good to have a pet like Gerbils at home.


  • Guinea Pigs


If you are looking for a rodent that does not bite and stay calm even when he is hyped. Then Guinea Pig is the best option for you to adopt. They are the coolest and calm rodents to keep as a pet. They rarely bite and it is completely safe to have a rodent-like Guinea Pig.

It has a large head with no tail and comes in different colors. The common colors of Guinea Pigs are Black, white, brown, tan, and cream. Else than that, it weighs in between 25 to 45 ounce and 8 to 10 inches tall in length. 


  • Hamsters


Hamsters are also the best pet rodent to keep in your home. The hamsters are so tiny in size as compared to other rodents. Also, there are several species of Hamsters the most common are Dwarf Hamsters and the Chinese Hamsters.

The Dwarf Hamsters are extremely small in size, which is about 2 inches. While the Chinese Hamster is of 3-4 inches in length. Keeping this rodent as a pet is also good as taking care is easier as compared to other pets.


  • Mice


One of the ideal smallest pets to keep is the mice and their behavior makes it a perfect rodent pet to keep in the home. Although sometimes it becomes hard to handle mice as compared to rats it is easy to handle. Another reason why mice are the best rodent pet to keep is that it learns things so fast. Picks everything quickly whatever you teach them and they quickly learn how to behave nicely.

You can also teach them feeding with your hand and they do it so well. A rodent to be taken care of easily and tamed in less time makes mice a perfect pet rodent to keep in the house. 


The majority of people love keeping pets and they love to spend time with their pets. Because pets are one of the best creations that make you feel relaxed and comfortable. If you are the one who never kept a pet before then keeping a rodent is a good option for you to start with your pet keeping journey. Because rodent is easy to handle and to take care of, so people usually prefer a rodent. Described above are some best pet rodent to have in your home to get a better experience. 

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