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You probably think that you can’t entertain your cat well because your apartment is small. The size of your apartment doesn’t have to get in the way of entertaining your cat. There are many ways to play with your cat that aren’t dependent on your apartment. There are many things that don’t consume space that you can get for your cat. You don’t even have to be a fun person to entertain your cat, just have the right things. Continue reading this article to know different ways you can entertain your cat, even if your apartment is small.

Get them plenty of toys that work in a small area

Plenty cat toys come in different sizes. Getting your cat plenty of small toys should not be a problem. You can visit your local pet store to get your cat fun small toys. You’ve probably only seen big cat toys, but there are small toys you can get. You can get your cat small, fun toys that won’t take a lot of space in your house. Another option that works well in a small area is the remote control cat toy.  The remote control cat toy does not take a lot of space, and you can control it to stay in only one area. Get quality small toys for your cat, and they will never be bored again. 

Take them on walks outside

If your small apartment doesn’t have enough space for plenty of toys, you can try taking your cat out on frequent walks. Walks will give your cat a chance to meet other people, animals, and fellow cats like them. It would be best if you got a harness so that whenever you take your cat on a walk, they won’t get lost. You can also get some toys your cat can be playing with when you take them for a walk. Walks are another way of entertaining your cat, and it won’t take any space in your small apartment. 

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Get them a cat tree

Cat trees are furniture in the shape of trees made for cats to climb. You can buy cat trees readymade, or you can assemble them. The best thing about cat trees is that they can be purchased in different shapes and sizes. A cat tree doesn’t have to take up any space in your small apartment. You can buy a small cat tree that has many loops your cat can climb through; the possibilities are endless. A cat tree will always keep your cat entertained as they will always have something to climb.

A small apartment does not have to get in the way of your cat having fun. There are many fun and creative ways you can entertain your cat in your apartment. Get your cat small toys or take them walks; these won’t take any space. You should also try and get a cat tree that your cat can use to play. You can even put treats in strategic places on the cat tree so they can look for it. Follow these tips now, and you’ll forget about the size of your apartment.

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